42+ Creative Modern Bathroom Lights Ideas You will Love

42+ Creative Modern Bathroom Lights Ideas You will Love

Bathroom Light Fixtures - Lights and lamps can absolutely change the space and make it cozier, cooler and more eye-catching. Today we've prepared a bunch of adorable light ideas for your bathrooms, and believe me, they can make up the space. Going for hidden lights is a great idea that can turn your bathroom into a super modern space, just make sure that there's enough light not to make the bathroom gloomy. Pendant lights and even statement chandeliers is the most popular option, being modern, they can have touches of glam, industrial or any other style to fit the space. My favorites are ball pendant lights - just a couple hanging on one side of the mirror, and you bathroom is trendy and gorgeous! Enjoy more fabulous ideas below!

Pendant Lamps/Chandeliers

Pendant lamps are the most popular ones for modern bathrooms: they are stylish, comfortable in using and can accent any zone you need: bathing, sink or shower. If you want an edgy and modern feel, your choice is matte and shiny metallic lamps, pipe-shaped and others, clear and frosted glass pendant lamps of various shapes - clear glass will match any decor, while frosted won't and it also gives less light. They can be also suspended on various kinds of chains and simple cords – it depends on the look you wanna get.

Wall And Ceiling Lamps

Wall and ceiling lamps are also a nice idea for a modern bathroom - as for wall ones, they are usually used around the sink zone. They give much light to this nook and make all the morning and evening routines easier and more comfortable. Choose clear and frosted glass and whimsy shapes and attach them next to mirrors. As for ceiling lamps, they are great as they literally take no space but give light. Prefer something laconic, modern and simple - no whimsy designs or too refined details.

Built-In Lights

Built-in lights can be a nice idea to give a minimal feel to the space or to add another layer of light pairing them with chandeliers and various kinds of lamps. Use mirrors with built-in lights and just ceiling and wall built-ins for a cool look and much light.


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