Restored 1920s Historic Puerto Rico House

Restored 1920s Historic Puerto Rico House

- A verdant, 8,000 square foot villa with a keen aviation past succumbed to the 2017 hurricane; then Champalimaud brought it back to life. Originally the house was built in 1920s, it sits within the larger property of Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, replete with golf courses, a decadently-decorated Spa Botanico. Champalimaud renovated and furnished the house creating an elegant, luxurious five bedroom villa.

They decided on a pared-back, neutral palette with natural oak ceilings and black and white tile floors. Many of the interior furnishings, from the side tables, the sofas, and the upholstered benches, were custom made by Champalimaud to ensure they complemented the primary features of the home perfectly.

It seems like the last thing the designers want is for Su Casa to be taken too seriously or become too static, so family time, free movement, and relaxation were at the top of their priority list. One major change Beeber and Rogoff made so as to accommodate their vision of domestic bliss was to extend a balcony and bring it indoors. One room has a swinging hammock, another has an outdoor shower and patio, a third has a cozy, curvy sofa for lounging inside or hosting more intimate conversations with family and friends. The house feels more like a family home that you really live in and take your shoes off in, and less like a rental estate with an outdoor porch.

Outside, the blue-and-green tiled infinity pool merges in view with the North Atlantic waves beyond. Palm trees, tall and abundant, frame the property and give guests a sense of privacy and seclusion from the outside world.

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Historical House Decor
There's a comfortable outdoor lounge with a large sofa, candle lanterns and a fire pit-
The color palette is neutral, with modern furniture and some dakr touches for drama-
Landscaping is done perfectly, and there are lots of potted plants and succulents-
Another living room is done with a large sectional sofa, layered tables and a wicker chair-
The dining room is done with a large table with curved corners and a blue sideboard plus a statement artwork-
Here's another pool with a gorgeous sea view and a row of loungers-
Outdoors there's a long narrow pool with bright mosaic tiles- White Logo