90+ Stylish Kitchens with Brick Ceilings and Wall

90+ Stylish Kitchens with Brick Ceilings and Wall

Backsplash Around Window - Brick makes the space industrial and very chic, it's almost an ideal decoration for kitchen and dining zones. You may make a brick wall, all the walls, a ceiling or just a kitchen splash - it would be harmonious anyway. Red brick, white brick, grey brick or even black brick - it's easy to choose the right shade for your interior and style, and almost any style from Provence to glam style would be pleased by a brick wall. A brick backsplash is a genial idea because you won't need to choose tiles to the style and color scheme, just use bricks -it's functional and it would make your kitchen charming. Have a look at some cool examples below and use it in your kitchen design!

Brick Walls And Ceilings

Brick walls and ceilings are a great idea to add texture and interest to any space. Even the most formal space will look distressed and more chic with a brick wall or ceiling, and it will easily fit many decor styles: modern farmhouse, rustic, vintage, industrial, contemporary and even minimalist. First of all, decide what effect you want to create: will the brick be taking over the space? Will it just match the kitchen decor and add texture? Will it make your cabinets stand out? When you decide that, choose the shade of brick - white, grey, red (the most popular) or even painted to match the cabinets. Red brick is the coolest, though whitewashed is also very popular to create a relaxed space. you may highlight your brick shade with contrasting grout or choose grout to match.

Brick Backsplashes

A brick backsplash is a creative way to add a bit of texture to your kitchen without taking over the space, such a feature is often incorporated into minimalist and contemporary kitchens. A backsplash may also come in various shades and it's more often a contrasting color. If you consider it difficult to clean, cover it with glass on the whole length or just around the cooker. Get inspired!

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Backsplash Around Window
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Backsplash Above Cabinets
Backsplash Around Outlets
Backsplash Behind Stove
Backsplash Bathroom Ideas
Backsplash Behind Stove Only
Backsplash Bathroom Sink
Backsplash Bathroom Vanity
Backsplash Contact Paper
Backsplash Ceramic Tile
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Backsplash Dark Cabinets
Backsplash Design Tool
Backsplash End Cap
Backsplash End Piece
Backsplash Edge Trim
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Backsplash For White Kitchen
Backsplash For White Cabinets
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Backsplash For Bathroom Vanity
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Backsplash Hexagon Tile
a bright blue kitchen with white countertops and glass pendant lamps is made bolder with red brick walls-
a piece of red brick in the dining zone for more eye-catchiness and a bolder look of the space-
white and shiny metal kitchen cabinets and red brick walls that make the space look more distressed and relaxed-
a rustic meets vintage kitchen with a red brick wall, black cabinets and blackened metal shelving units-
whitewashed red brick, wicker shades and stone countertops are great to spruce up the kitchen making it bolder-
an exposed brick arched doorway adds texture to the space and makes it bolder and more chic-
white cabinets, whitewashed bricks, an aged metal hood make up a chic and elegant rustic kitchen-
an exposed red brick wall and dark stained wooden furniture for a bold and chic dining space with an industrial feel-
a red brick ceiling plus a stone cooker backsplash make up a cool combo for a vintage rustic kitchen-
a white brick wall adds texture to the space and matches the neutral kitchen decor at the same time-
a red brick backsplash is a catchy idea for any kitchen, besides it's very budget-friendly and adds texture-
a red brick wall is a gorgeous statement in the sleek minimalist space and adds color to the kitchen-
a welcoming modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, rich stained countertops and a red brick wall-
a red brick wall and a matte black hearth next to it to create a bold contrasting look that takes over the space-
an arched brick ceiling and a matching kitchen island make the space catchier, bolder and bring texture inside-
an exposed red brick wall in the eating space brings texture, interest and contrasts the sleek white furniture-
bold red brick walls, stained chevron clad floors and rich stained furniture for an industrial meets rustic kitchen-
white brick going from the walls to the arched ceiling look bold with contemporary furniture in black creating an eclectic look-
a red brick statement wall bring texture and color to the space making it more interesting-
light blue brick walls and a taupe brick pillar complete the space adding subtle touches of color to the kitchen-
a white brick wall perfectly matches the Nordic kitchen and adds texture and interest to it-
a welcoming Scandinavian kitchen with white brick walls and white furniture looks chic-
a distressed red brick wall in the dining zone and metal chairs mix up with refined and contemporary furniture for a unique look-
a brick wall makes the sleek modern space more relaxed and rustic and adds texture to it-
a chic kitchen with blue cabinets, light-colored countertops and a red brick wall looks very refreshing-
a purely white kitchen with white brick walls and a dark hood that stands out in a neutral space-
a whitewashed red brick wall is a cool idea for an eclectic kitchen like this one-
red and white bricks with an arched wall over the cooking zone for a vintage and rustic feel-
navy tiles with white grout that imitate bricks and contrast the white cabinets making them stand out-
dark bricks highlighted with white grout and dark stained wood make up a bold and dark modern kitchen-
a red brick ceiling with beams is highlighted with a crystal chandelier and contrasts the neutral kitchen-
a modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, shiny metal appliances and red brick walls-
an old brick wall makes your dining space catchy, interesting and bold at the same time-
a dark kitchen with red brick walls and arched windows plus refined rich stained furniture-
a bold kitchen with dark wooden cabinets and red brick walls for a catchy look with a vintage feel-
a red brick wall adds texture and color to the space and contrasts the sleek cabinets-
red bricks, shiny metal surfaces, simple white cabinets make up a stylish rustic meets industrial kitchen-
a modern kitchen done in white with with sleek plywood cabinets that echo with the curved red brick wall-
sleek white cabinets are complemented with a white brick backsplash and a white wooden floor that add texture to the space-
a rustic kitchen with brick walls and floors plus rich stained cabinets for a more dramatic look-
a vintage kitchen with white cabinets, copper hardware and a whiet faux brick wall that makes the hood stand out-
a Victorian meets rustic kitchen with graphite grey cabinets, red bricks and metal pendant lamps-
a whitewashed brick wall contrast the matte black cabinets and add texture to the space-
an all-white kitchen with a red brick cooker backsplash that adds interest, color and even character to the space-
a brick pillar with wooden shelves is a catchy decor element that adds texture and storage space to the kitchen-
a faux brick wall in the dining space add interest and texture to the space making it catchier-
neutral exposed brick walls paired with amber wooden cabinets for a chic and bright kitchen with double height ceilings-
an eclectic kitchen in white and lavender with a red brick backsplash as a bright textural element-
a faux stone wall and red brick pillars on each side make the kitchen bolder and bring a textural touch-
a red brick backsplash contrasts the neutral wooden countertops and white cabinets and makes the kitchen catchy-
exposed red brick walls in the dining room add texture and make this refined space less formal and more relaxed-
a red brick wall contrasts the grey tiles and a green stone countertop and add colro to the space-
blue kitchen cabinets with white countertops and red brick walls is a bold contrasting idea with a touch of chic-
a red brick cooker backsplash and wall plus rich-stained wooden furniture for an elegant rustic kitchen-
a moody black kitchen with a red brick backsplash that enlivens the space and makes it bolder and cooler-
whitewashed bricks contrast the black cabinets and highlight them at the same time-
a taupe brick wall makes the luxurious kitchen less formal and more relaxed at the same time-
vintage white cabinets and red bricks contrast with each other and add texture to the kitchen-
red brick walls match the rich stained wood and add texture and interest to the kitchen-
a red brick wall paired with neutral vintage cabinets make up a cool vintage-inspired kitchen-
a brick wall painted in the same shade of green to make the space perfectly cohesive and enjoy the color-
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