66+ Creative Small Kitchen Design Ideas

66+ Creative Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas - A small kitchen always has its advantages: it's cozier, you don't need to look for different things for long because everything is at hand. There some ideas how to make a small kitchen cool. A rustic kitchen with rough wooden shelves and furniture would look great in some country house. A kitchen with industrial touch - a rough brick wall - is cool, especially with sleek surfaces and a kitchen island that has a dining surface to save some space. If your apartment is very small, you can use built-in furniture and appliances and make a dining zone in the main room. A clever idea is to use a long table - here you can cook and then clean the table and use it as a dining one. Some more ideas are below.

Furniture And Appliances

What furniture do you need in a small kitchen? First of all, some cooking space - cabinets with countertops are welcome! Cabinets will also give you enough storage for various stuff, and if not enough - go for open shelving as open shelves don't look heavy and provide storage. If you want to visually declutter, prefer upper cabinets as they will hide all the things you store. Think of a kitchen island -as the kitchen is small, you may go for one that doubles as a meal space, too. If you have enough space, go for a separate meal nook or dining space with a small table and chairs. Built-in appliances will save much space, though you may go for usual ones, too.

Accessories And Decor

As for accessories, brighten up the space with something bold - artworks, photos and so on. Refresh the space with potted greenery or blooms and add tiny touches of the style you've chosen - rustic, farmhouse, minimalist or modern. Pay attention to lights, especially if there isn't much natural light in here - go for pendant lamps and for wall ones to save the space.

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