52+ Cool Outdoor Deck Designs Ideas

52+ Cool Outdoor Deck Designs Ideas

Pool Deck Designs - We've already told you of some terraces, porches, ponds and fountains to design your garden. Now maybe you need a deck - a place covered with wooden planks, kind of a terrace somewhere in your garden. What's cool about a deck? You may walk barefoot and enjoy natural wood under your feet which is always warm due to the sun light. You may make a deck terrace, or a deck near the pool to lie in the sun, or create a gazebo for having meals outdoors. Veggie garden near the deck, or just some trees and plants would do but if you want some romance, put a jacuzzi and a fire bowl and enjoy your rest!

How To Style

Choose the decor you like: rustic, shabby chic, eclectic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, Nordic or any other. Once you've chosen, choose the furniture and decor accordingly: wooden furniture and a fire pit for a rustic space, minimalist wood and concrete furniture for a minimalist space, bright boho and rattan furniture for a boho deck. Wicker and rattan furniture match many decor styles, so you can pull them off for most of them. Think of built-ins - a built-in bench will save a lot of space, it can have some storage space inside, and such a solution will give you a more space, which isn't wasted. You may add a canopy or an umbrella to hide from the sun.

How To Cozy Up

The first thing you should think of is privacy - make a screen or go for a living wall that will keep you private. Then consider lights - hanging them over the space, placing candle lanterns all around, creating a fire pit or a fireplace will help you create an ambience and coziness. Add printed rugs, bright pillows and cushions, a bright chandelier for decor and of course potted greenery and blooms that will refresh the space a lot.

  55+ Photos
Deck Designs
Pool Deck Designs
Pool Deck Pictures
a contemporary deck with a cushion sofa, candle lanterns and lots of potted greenery-
a simple round wooden deck with a pond inside it and lots of greenery around-
a bright summer deck with dark wicker furniture, neutral and light colored textiles and potted greenery is very welcoming-
a welcoming summer deck with an L-shaped wicker sofa, a coffee table, some lanterns and a teal umbrella-
a cozy rustic deck with simple wooden furniture, pebbles and potted greenery plus greenery all around for privacy-
a contemporary deck with built-in lights in the steps and a built-in bench, a coffee table and a canopy over the sitting zone-
a wooden deck with candles and blooms that leads to a fireplace that creates a cozy and welcoming ambience-
a colorful deck with a printed rug, wooden furniture, potted greenery and blooms plus an umbrella-
a colorful shabby chic deck with a forged garden furniture set, growing tress and greenery and colorful textiles-
a small and cozy deck in white with a built-in bench and several loungers plus potted blooms and greenery-
a bright deck with turquoise furniture, a grey sofa and printed pillows plus a printed rug for fun-
a small deck clad with rich stined wood and with wooden chairs that line it up-
a small deck with a built-in white wooden bench, a rustic coffee table and a jute rug is very welcoming to receive guests-
a contemporary deck with a sculptural console, a bright neon chair, a rug and growing greenery and blooms-
a vintage deck with a red lounger, a wooden chair and some potted greenery and blooms-
a backyard deck with built-in benches, potted greenery, lights and a screen for privacy is a great space to spend time-
a contemporary deck with grasses growing and a cozy sittign room in the corner, a fireplace and some trees-
a rustic deck with dark wicker furniture, an umbrella with a dining zone, a fire pit in the center and a fireplace-
a small eclectic deck with potted greenery and leather ottomans plus a forged table-
a rustic deck with wicker loungers, potted blooms and a view to the pond-
a contemporary deck with a concrete bar and several contemporary chairs plus greenery in flower beds around-
a rustic wooden deck done with warm-stained furniture, with forged furniture and potted blooms-
a nautical summer deck with a painted striped floor, rattan furniture, potted plants and an umbrella from summer-
a Scandinavian deck with wooden furniture, jute ottomans and rugs and potted greenery-
a contemporary deck with wooden floors and simple rustic furniture for dining, some planted greenery around-
a small contemporary deck with dark stained furniture, potted greenery and succulents, a screen for privacy-
a contemporary deck with rattan furniture, lanterns, watering cans, potted greenery and blooms-
a laconic modern deck with a built-in bench, a coffee table with a drink cooler in the center and sculptural planters-
a Scandinavian deck with a pallet sofa, lots of pillows, a cage for decor and potted greenery and blooms-
a contemporary deck with a white and wood walls for some privacy, a built-in bench, a fire pit and some grasses growing around-
a contemporary deck with built-in ponds, potted greenery and lanterns with candles-
a rustic deck with a living edge table and wooden chairs and potted greenery for a fresh touch-
a contemporary deck with blue upholstered furniture, comfy sofas, loungers and potted greenery-
a minimalist summer deck with a concrete cube, a fire pit, dark metal chairs and a screen for privacy-
a minimalist deck with metal furniture of geometric shapes and much greenery around looks dreamy-
a boho and zen deck with a built-in bench, a rattan hanging chair, a bead chandelier, a coffee table and a jute ottoman-
a deck with forged chairs around a large natural-looking pond with fish and pebbles-
a bright boho deck with wicker furniture, planters with greenery and blooms, a bright blue chandelier and printed pillows-
a small deck with a contemporary feel, contrasting contemporary furniture and potted blooms-
a small and cozy deck with simple wooden furniture, wicker accents, potted greenery and blooms and lanterns-
a boho deck with rattan furniture, pampas grass, greenery in a pot, candles and lots of floral arrangements-
a small light-colored deck with growing grasses, pillows and some wine and food-
a colorful eclectic deck with a bright rug, wicker and wooden furniture, colorful textiles and bright blooms in planters-
a colorful summer deck with a sectional sofa, potted greenery and blooms, rattan chairs and lanterns-
a striped deck with a dining and sitting space, some potted greenery, trees and blooms plus candle lanterns-
a rustic deck with wooden chairs and loungers, striped cushions and pillows and greenery around-
a rustic deck over the pond with rustic wooden furniture and rocks and blooms around-
a small rustic deck with a built-in bench, a table with storage and some potted plants for a touch of freshness-
a contrasting deck with a black and white floor, dark wicker furniture and colorful pillows-
a Nordic deck with weathered wood on the floor and metal furniture - a bed, a chair, table and some buckets-
a minimalist deck done with orange wood, pillows, loungers, a fountain and potted greenery-
a small and simple deck with a hammock and steps - who needs more to relax-
a welcoming and bright deck with a weathered wood floor, colorful furniture, yarn lamps and a cocktail table-
a rustic and relaxed deck with rattan and whtewashed wooden furniture, colorful textiles, a living edge table with food and drinks-
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