48+ Examples Creative Outdoor Spa Ideas for Homes

48+ Examples Creative Outdoor Spa Ideas for Homes

Bathroom Design Ideas - Summer is time for outdoors! Eating outside, swimming outside, walking and many other things - it's so awesome to do all that! Having a rest outside is even more important, especially if you spend the whole day in the office, so today I'd like to share the most relaxing outdoor spaces - home spas! A spa is first of all a bathroom or a shower, so organize such a spa in your garden and a choose a cool tub: of natural stone or wood, a free-standing or a sunken one, a jacuzzi if possible. Make this space hidden to feel more relaxed, this is the first thing you should do while designing an outdoor spa: add tall walls, plant lush greenery or surround your bathing zone with screens if there are any neighbours around. Add luxury touches like fresh flowers, natural soaps and cosmetics, beautiful wooden and stone accessories and have a bath! Get stylish examples below and organize your personal spa!

Outdoor Jacuzzis And Bathtubs

If you like relaxation in any time and season, a bathtub, a hot tub or a jacuzzi will be a nice idea for your outdoor spa. If you want an outdoor-indoor one, go for sliding doors in your bathroom and voila - you have a relaxation oasis at hand! Design and decorate it in the style you want, and here are some tips and ideas that work for every style, number one is natural elements like pebbles, rocks and stones - they will make your space more relaxing. Add a wooden deck and plant greenery and blooms around, so your space will feel truly outdoor-like. Illuminate your space with candle lanterns of various kinds or hang some lights if you want, and if you can, add a fireplace or a fire pit for pairing two contrasting elements.

Outdoor Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is another cool idea for an outdoor spa: it won't take much space and it will refresh you on a hot summer day. Design a deck around, add some loungers or daybeds, candle lanterns and floor lamps and maybe a fireplace. If you care about keeping your pool clean and the grass around fresh, add a glass fence around the pool. Dip into sensations!

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Cool Outdoor Decoration
a round plunge pool with a wooden deck and some greenery in pots and on the wall make up a cool small spa-
a small plunge pool and a deck around plus a glass fence to keep the greenery and pool in order-
an outdoor jacuzzi with a waterfall clad with stone will be loved by everyone-
a plunge pool with a waterfall, a stone wall and tiles is a cool idea to relax after a hard and hot day-
a jacuzzi with a deck around it, some lamps and candles plus sliding doors that allow making the spa indoor or outdoor-
an outdoor bathtub cut out right in the stone is a gorgeously natural idea, especially when you have such a view-
an outdoor bathtub on a stone platform and with stone walls for privacy and potted plants for a fresh and lively feel-
a plunge pool with a tiny deck and pillows on it will fit even the smallest outdoor space-
a sunken jacuzzi with inner lights, a deck and candle lanterns all around for a chic outdoor space-
such a shallow outdoor pool or bathtub with steps is a great oasis for relaxation on a hot summer day-
an outdoor stone bathtub with candle lanterns on the edges and tall walls to keep privacy-
an oval bathtub placed on pebbles feels like a real spa and can be opened up to outdoors any time-
a tile clad hot tub with a fireplace next to it will give you great relaxing and soothing therapy-
a tiny outdoor space with a wooden deck, pebbles, a shower, a bathtub and greenery growing plus a skylight-
a large outdoor jacuzzi with candles and a fire pit next to it is relaxation with two elements - fire and water-
a plunge pool with a hammock over it look and feel very relaxing, just place some loungers on the sides-
a sunken bathtub clad with tiles can be easily made outdoor with a sliding door that leads to the garden-
a deck with a plunge pool, a glass fence, a bench and some bright pillows are all you need for ultimate relaxation-
a wooden bathtub placed by a greenery wall plus a simple stool will make up a cool and welcoming outdoor spa-
a vintage clawfoot bathtub with only the most necessary things is all you need to relax-
a deck with a bench, a jacuzzi is a wonderful space to relax and enjoy the views while you are taking a bath-
a sunken outdoor bathtub in a wooden platform with curtains for privacy, an outdoor shower and some greenery planted-
a hot tub clad with a matte black surface, with some candle lanterns and a daybed by its side-
a sunken stone bathtub under a roof will help you avoid excessive sunlight and rain if any-
a fully secluded outdoor spa with planted greenery and a living wall, a tub and some tiles plus a wooden mat-
a small round hot tub sunken into the wooden deck, a comfortable daybed and some space for sunbathing-
an outdoor plunge pool with tiles is a stylish thing that doesn't require much space-
a stone bathtub with a deck and sliding doors that can open it up to outdoors or close it back-
a Moroccan style backyard with loungers, jute ottomans, a plunge pool and a potted cactus-
an outdoor waterfall shower with tall stone walls and some greenery and bowls with fruits for a fresh feel-
a large wooden tank is used as a plunge pool and looks very natural in rocks, greenery and blooms growing around-
an outdoor bathtub of stone with walls for privacy and lush greenery to make it feel outdoorsy-
a hot bathtub outdoors designed with rocks and stones will keep you super relaxed, especially during cold seasons-
a sunken bathtub with a wooden deck, an outdoor shower next to it and a roof over the tub make up a chic zen-inspired oasis-
a sunken stone bathtub with floating flowers to get maximum of the bamboo garden view-
an outdoor stone bathtub with a cover over it and some curtains for privacy, potted greenery refresh the space-
a jacuzzi, lush greenery around it, a crate with towels and some blooms for a welcoming space-
a chic contemporary space with an oval tub, a waterfall shower, some drop-shaped candle lanterns and greenery around-
an outdoor waterfall shower and a stone bathtub next to it - you can choose your experience each time you want-
an outdoor bathtub or jacuzzi clad with stones around will be your personal spa and relaxation oasis-
a small outdoor jacuzzi and a deck next to it plus some potted plants for a welcoming outdoor space-
a bathtub and a small pool with a waterfall shower can be opened up to outdoors-
a step deck with each step illuminated and a sunken jacuzzi on top will let you enjoy relaxation, and greenery will hide you-
a curved plunge pool with potted and planted greenery around will refresh you very well on a hot day-
a small outdoor pool with a waterfall and greenery growing around create your personal oasis for relaxation-
a boho chic outdoor space with tall woven walls, candles, pebbles, a pink bathtub and potted plants for a fresh feel-
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