42+ Practical Garden Shed Storage Ideas

42+ Practical Garden Shed Storage Ideas

Home Storage Solutions - It's spring and it's time to do some garden work! I'm sure that almost every garden has a garden shed where you store all the tools, seeds, buckets and so on. What are the practical ideas of shed storage to save some space and organize everything? Of course, getting some cabinets to store is the most common idea but what about making furniture of wine or milk crates? Attach baskets to the wall to make some storage space, use funnels for strings and hooks to hang everything from shovel to scissors, store seeds in big mason jars. Get some more inspirational ideas below!

Shelving Units

Shelving units are classic units for storage and using open shelving units for storage in your shed is a cool idea. They can be made of wood, plywood, metal and other materials; attach them to the walls or place them on the floor if they are oversized. Combine open shelving units with other storage solutions you'll see below.

Hooks, Holders And Racks

I can't imagine a garden shed with no hooks and racks - they are extremely comfortable to organize your stuff and tools. Hooks, holders and racks can be attached right to the walls or pegboard to make your space more variative and comfy. You may hang tools, shovels, rakes and much other stuff, attach as many as you need to avoid wasting your floor space or shelves for these items.

Cabinets And Tables

Why cabinets and tables come together? Because they both can be taken from your old kitchen and renovated into garden shed furniture or not even renovated - shabby chic is on! add open shelving under the tabletops or use your cabinets' countertops for garden works. Attach some open shelving units over the tables or cabinets and enjoy!

Other Ideas

Attach pegboards to the walls and furniture, attach hooks and storage units to them. Go for ladders, baskets and wire baskets attached to the walls, classic tool walls and other stuff that may be functional in your garden shed. Get inspired!

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Cool Storage Units
Home Storage Solutions
Wall Storage Systems
old kitchen cabinets placed in your garden shed will give you much storage space and countertops for garden works-
large metal hooks attached to the wall will allow storing various stuff and though they don't look very neat, they are practical-
comfortable metal open shelving units are great for storage, though they won't declutter your space much-
a pegboard with hooks and other items to hang and attach some units you need to use-
a large wooden stand with several shelves can accommodate metal bathtubs and buckets and much other stuff-
attach some baskets to the walls to store various stuff in them-
a large wicker chest for hidden storage and a large open shelf for other things over the chest-
attaching some wooden planks horizontally will allow you hanging hooks on them and hanging tools-
an oversized wooden shelving unit with metal wheels is a great idea to store and see everything you place there at the same time-
a classic tool wall will accommodate all your tools and will hint you where and what to put-
white cabinets to declutter and a pegboard for hanging some stuff you need often-
vintage kitchen cabinets used ina  garden shed for storage and for garden works, plus open shelves-
several hooks attached to the wall will allow you to hang a basket, some tools and other stuff you want-
old cabinets with some drawers for storing all the things you may need for potting and other garden works-
bright painted box shelves for tools and a metal bucket for storing are a creative idea for shed storage-
if you have lots of pots or planters, store them in open shelving units like these ones-
a large open shelving unit with some pegboard provides maximal functionality and lots of storage space-
an open shelving unit is great for storage and can accommodate everything you need to store-
a large grey pegboard allows you attaching hooks, hanging stuff and items for storage-
a stylish and comfortable tool holder with bright handles is a cool idea-
a pegboard is a gorgeous solution for storage - attach hooks and other stuff to the pegboard-
place your twine into swirls to make reaching it easier and keep them in order every time-
hooks on the wall next to your usual cabinets and shelves are a great and comfortable idea-
a vintage wardrobe renovated with bright paint will be a nice garden she storage unit, add pegboard inside, too-
a comfy open shelving unit will accommodate not many things but it's durable and comfortable-
hooks on the shelves will allow you to hang some tools that can't be placed on the shelves-
paper strips can be used to attach some seeds packages with clothespins-
a couple of tables with shelves underneath and pegboard walls around are a contemporary option for storing everything in your shed-
a rack for shovels and rakes is a must for every garden shed, it's very comfy in using-
open shelves and a green table with open storage provide enough storage for everything you need-
open shelves and tables with storage shelves are efficient and enough for a small garden shed-
simple hook strips on the wall will be a nice organization idea for a shed, hang whatever you like including whole storage units-
holders on the walls aren't always enough, get some on the doors, too, and your shed will be more organized-
attach a piece of rake to the wall to use it as a holder and hanger for your tools-
a large wooden table with an additional open shelf under the top is a cool idea for storage-
a wire basket with compartments is a pretty and nice idea to organize and it features mobility-
a large open storage metal shelving unit is a very practical idea, it's durable and can hold much weight-
an oversized open shelving unit with some drawerrs inserted provides lot sof storage space and will be enough for your shed-
large metal shelving units will provide you with open storage space and are comfy to organize your things-
a wooden pallet with some garden tools attached to it - such a storage unit is an easy DIY project-
some rakes hung on the wall will let you store twine and tools you need-
a simple vintage ladder can accommodate some stuff in jars or baskets and can be taken away when not in need-
use PVC to organize your garden tools and other tools that you may use-
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