30+ Simple Ideas to Decorate and Organize a Kid's Room

30+ Simple Ideas to Decorate and Organize a Kid's Room

Creative Kids Rooms - We continue sharing some advice on organizing a kids' space, and today I'd like to get into kid room design and decor, not for the wee ones and not for the teenagers. If you have a toddler, you should create a beautiful space for him or her for sure to make your child feel happy and secure when he or she comes back to the room. How to do that?

Whatever style and decor you choose, a kid's room should have a sleeping space, a study space, a play space and a smartly organized closet and storage. Let's have a look at them more closely.

The Sleeping Zone

Go for maximum comfort and coziness here, make it your kid's private nook where he or she will feel relaxed. The bed here plays the main part: it should be comfy and cute and of course it should highlight the room decor. It can be very creative: a house-shaped one, a truck or boat-shaped one. Add a canopy if it's a little princess room, or your boy's favorite posters on the wall and a playful lamp on the nightstand.

The Study And Creative Area

Kids love to create, draw, paint, make whatever they like! And they also need to study a bit, so a study space should be present. A desk with storage a comfy chair or bench are a great idea for any room, keep them in the same style as the whole room. another great idea is a long desktop attached to the wall: it's very space-saving and is perfect for shared rooms. Besides, your kid can invite friends, and everybody will have enough space at the desk.

The Play Space

Playing is one of the most important things in the life of your child, so create a comfortable zone for him or her to play and invite little friends to play together. If you have enough space, you can make a separate playroom, if not, then include a playing nook into the room decor. The most popular items for a playing nook are a teepee, a desk or a chalkboard wall for drawing and creating, various toys, a play kitchen and so on, here everything depends on your child's tastes and wishes.

Organizing A Kid's Closet

After decorating all the previous space, only one question is left: where will your child store all the clothes and shoes? If you have enough space, make an in-wall closet or a built-in one, add shelving, hangers, hooks and holders. If not, there's a trendy solution - a makeshift closet, with which the clothes and shoes become a part of the decor. Don't forget to place a sideboard for smaller things.

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pastel girl's sleeping nook with toys and various wall decor-
Pastel girl's sleeping area with a canopy over the bed-
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floor play space with cushions and various toys-
colorful study space with a chalkboard wall and open shelving-
play house in the room-
industrial makeshift closet for a boy-
colorful play space with a chalkboard wall, a teepee and a desk-
Scandinavian sleeping nook with a house-shaped frame and lights-
dreamy sleeping nook with art gallery wall over the bed-
in-wall closet with holders and a sideboard for smaller things-
bookshelves and a clothes holder below-
a desk and a bench with storage compartments that save a lot of space-
minimalist study space with colorful touches-
boy's closet with open shelving for balls above-
play area with a teepee, a table for drawing and a shelving unit with cubbies-
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tree house cabin bed for a gender neutral nursery-
open shelves and a desk top along the whole wall-
a bunker used as a shared kids' study space-
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