25+ Ideas and Tips to Organize and Decorate a Kids’ Playroom

25+ Ideas and Tips to Organize and Decorate a Kids’ Playroom

Wise Kids Playroom Price - Creating any kids' space can be tricky: it should be functional and practical, eco-friendly and cool-looking and safe for your children, and combining all those features isn't that easy. This is especially true for kids' playrooms because here your children may spend not just hours but whole days. A good playroom should have a creative and colorful design to grab the kids attention and make them want to stay there, and accommodate all the toys and areas that your kids may need. How to achieve such a result? Here are some tips.

Create Different Activity Areas

Kids love doing different things and they can get bored very fast, so you need to design different activity areas in the playroom to keep them busy. Creating separate zones for each activity will help your kids to get used to keeping the spaces in order and will help them find whatever they need on its place. The most popular spaces are a drawing zone, a reading nook and a play nook, which are necessary for every kid but you can create much more different spaces according to the needs and interests of your kids.

Make Plenty Of Storage

Kids need a lot of things and toys to be busy, and every space will accommodate a lot of things. create plenty of comfy storage to accommodate them all and keep the playroom in order. Magnet stripes on the wall are great for storing toy cars, fabric pocket storage is ideal for holding dolls, and various boxes - fabric or wooden can be used for storing anything. Ledges or metal wall shelves will save space and accommodate kids' books the best way possible.

Go Creative And Bold With Decor

It's a kid's space, and it should be bold and colorful, otherwise it won't be inviting for your children and they won't want to spend time there. Cover the walls in some creative way: use wall decals, make a gorgeous map wall mural that will help your kids to learn geography and display kids wall art pieces to make them feel proud - what can be cooler than their own drawings? Chalkboard walls will encourage creativity and will look awesome. Get colorful furniture and accessories to make the space bolder and cheerful, get inspired and make your kids happy!

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Cool Kids Playrooms
Wise Kids Playroom Price
a metal shelf on the wall for storing books and other stuff is very comfy-
insert fabric boxes into an open shelving cabinet to declutter the space-
a separate zone for drawing and learning on the left and a teepee for playing on the right-
a play nook with a white lace teepee, a window bench with toy storage for a girl's playroom-
a reading nook separated with a cabinet from the other zones-
magnet toy car storage is a genius idea for a boy's playroom-
a chalkboard wall is the best way to encourage creativity and keep walls cool-
a drawing and painting space with a chalkboard wall, lots of pencils, paints, crayons and other stuff-
a tree house in a playroom is always a win-win idea, which also helps to divide zones-
cabinets with plastic baskets for storage to keep the room in order-
if there's much stuff, create a whole closet for storage with a folding or sliding door and organize there everything with different solutions-
Ikea Fintorp system for holding baskets with markers, pens and crayons-
a play kitchen nook as a part of a playroom-
map wall mural will help your kid to learn geography and will look cool-
a tree house for playing and a reading zone below is a smart idea for space dividing-
a drawing and painting zone with a chalkboard wall, a table and stools and kids' art pieces on the wall-
a cozy reading space with a bean bag chair, bookshelves and a basket to encourage reading-
a table with various markers and pens and several colorful chairs is great for drawing or learning something-
a window bench with cushions, wicker boxes and storage is a very inviting space to read or just dream-
colorful polka dot wall decor, a bold fruit wall art and cool hanging chair make the nook super inviting-
white shelving units with open shelves and boxes look nice and are comfy in using-
a rocking hammock lounger is a colorful and fun piece, which is great for any kid-
a super bold space with floor cushions along the wall and colorful polka dots looks awesome-
box stools with books and magazines and other stuff inside is a great idea that doesn't take space-
display children's art pieces on the wall to make them proud-
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