24+ Ways to Decorate and Furnish a Small Deck

24+ Ways to Decorate and Furnish a Small Deck

- It's almost summer and we are striving outdoors - to our patios, gardens, terraces, decks and other spaces, even if they are tiny - it's so refreshing and pleasant! If you have a small deck and don't know how to decorate it to squeeze maximum of this space this roundup will help you - we've gathered some ideas to furnish and decorate it to make your staying outdoors enjoyable. Let's get started!


First of all, consider the size and shape of your deck to find out how much furniture you are going to place there. Second, decide on the style you wanna see here: boho, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, modern or any other. Now it's time to choose your furnishings and here you should remember the rule of decorating all the small spaces: go big! Prefer large scale furniture pieces that can accommodate more people and won't clutter the space. It can be a large sofa or bench with storage inside and a side or coffee table, and that's it. Comfortable loungers or chairs are welcome, too, again - prefer larger ones, maybe add a loveseat to them instead of multiple small chairs and stools. If it's a dining zone, consider having an L-shaped seat to accommodate more people and a cool table or go for benches around it.


You can still sit on the deck itself, so some cushions and pillows are also great - they aren't only accessories but partly furniture here. Add some rugs here and there, they will create a cozy feel in the space, add wall and floor lamps to illuminate the space at night, too. Candle lanterns will create a more relaxed and romantic feel, and you may use citronella candles to avoid any bugs. Potted plants and greenery will refresh the space and make it feel more welcoming and outdoorsy.

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Small Deck
a small deck with contemporary furniture - a sofa, a coffee table, some folding chairs and stools around-
a small deck with a large comfortable sofa, lights over it and lots of potted greenery and blooms-
a small weathered deck with a built-in L-shaped bench, printed cushions and pillows, some potted greenery-
a small deck with a couple of rattan chairs and a stylish coffee table in boho style in front of the pool-
a small deck with a dining zone - simple metal furniture for dining and pumpkins as a table runner-
a small deck with a comfortable daybed, some folding chairs, a jute ottoman and greenery-
a small deck turned into a dining space, with modern furniture, a living tree, a candle lantern and pillows-
a small deck with a comfortable burgundy lounger, a couple of bright planters and a relaxed pup-
a small boho-inspired black and white deck with modern furniture, pillows, potted greenery to refresh the space-
a small rich stained wooden deck with simple metal and plywood furniture and lots of greenery around for freshness-
a small and bright deck with simpel woven furniture, colorful upholstery, a grill and potted greenery and flowers-
a tiled pool deck with a wooden table, some rattan chairs with pillows and potted greenery in black planters-
a small deck with a living tree, simple and stylish white furniture and a coffee table to serve meals-
a small deck with green furniture, potted greenery and a rattan side table feels very welcoming and secluded-
a small and comfy deck with loungers, pillows and cushions of various colors that add a lively touch-
a small fall-inspired deck with an L-shaped upholstered bench, colorful pillows and potted blooms-
a small deck with a couple of whimsy wooden chairs, a side table and some potted greenery for a welcoming feel-
a small weathered wood deck with contemporary furniture, potted greenery and blooms and screen for privacy-
a small deck with a large L-shaped upholstered bench with storage, a wooden table and a jute rug-
a small deck with a roof over it to hang curtains, a comfortable dining space with simpel wooden furniture and potted greenery-
a small striped deck with rattan furniture, an L-shaped bench with pillows, potted greenery and a blue coffee table-
a small dark deck with an upholstered bench, potted greenery, cacti and succulents, a wall lamp and a side table-
a small deck with a sectional sofa, potted greenery, a chest, a rug and some folding chairs-
a small black and white deck with an L-shaped upholstered bench, a coffee table, a candle lantern and potted greenery-
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