24+ Low Budget Cool Ideas to Renovate Entryways

24+ Low Budget Cool Ideas to Renovate Entryways

Entryway Decor Ideas - Entryways are usually not very expensive for renovating unless you choose really luxurious pieces. But the ideas we are featuring today are easy to apply and won't require much money. Let's take a look at them!

Change The Walls

The easiest idea is to change the look of your walls - repaint them or add bold wallpaper. It's budget-friendly and cool, and you may go for just one statement wall if you want. The statement wall can be done not only with paint or wallpaper, it can be done with paneling, weathered wood, stone, brick and other materials - it's totally up to you and most of such renovations can be done by you yourself.

Swap The Bench

Console tables and vanities aren't always used in an entryway, while benches are a common thing. Change the bench to make your entryway bolder, cooler and brighter! First of all, consider your entryway style and choose a bench accordingly. It can be upholstered and not upholstered, with painted or metallic legs, with hidden storage inside the seat or without any storage just for style. There are many DIY projects that will allow you creating your own bench without much effort. If you don't want to change the bench, take your existing one and renovate it - with fabric, with paint and other stuff.

Add Accessories

Various accessories will give your entryway a more welcoming and personalized look, just add some. It can be an oversized mirror, which is a very trendy option for various spaces, you may go for an oversized artwork or a whole gallery wall - use your own photos to spruce up the space. Bring a touch of outdoors indoors with potted plants, rock cacti and succulents for a desert or boho space. don't skip season and holiday decorating - change it for each season to update the entryway and make it more welcoming. Get inspired!

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