24+ Ideas How to Rock a Black Wall in a Kid's Room

24+ Ideas How to Rock a Black Wall in a Kid's Room

Black Statement Wallpaper - You may say that black isn't for kids' spaces that are expected to be colorful and cheerful, and making a black wall there is even worse because the room may look gloomy. And you'll be surprised to see that timeless black color entered kids' spaces long ago and more and more parents and designers add it to kids' rooms. A black wall is a bold statement, which is popular for Scandinavian, modern, minimalist and some other styles but kids' spaces are often eclectic and you can incorporate such a wall in different ways and play with it. Wanna see some ideas? Let's get started.

Partly Painted Black Walls

If you think that a whole black wall is too much for a kids' space, there's a way to handle it: make a partly black wall. It can be half painted or have some patterns like mountains or brushstrokes, which is great for themed rooms, for example, an adventure-inspire room. Such a wall will create a bold contrast in the kid's room and make it stand out.

Chalkboard Walls

Such walls are incredibly popular for many spaces today, from kitchens to home offices, and if you ask me, I'd say, a chalkboard wall is a must for a kids' space. Kids love drawing and painting, and many kids I know do it on the walls. If you don't want your child to spoil expensive wallpaper or just cool walls, go for a chalkboard wall in their room or in the play space - encourage their creativity!

Black Statement Walls

Black statement walls appear in kids' rooms more and more often. They are suitable both for girls and boys, for modern and Scandi spaces, for adventure and travel-inspired rooms, for space and sky-themed ones. These can be pure black walls, or walls with some stenciling, prints, patterns that match the room theme. if you think that a black wall is too gloomy, you can always enliven it with colorful decorations and accessories, wreaths, garlands and lights.

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Black Statement Wall
Black Statement Wallpaper
Black Statement Wall Clock
Black Statement Wall Mirror
Black And White Statement Wallpaper
Statement Wall Art Black And White
a black wall enlivened with colorful artworks and letters is great for any kids' space-
a black wall with a Batman print is made vivacious with yellow touches and artworks-
a stylish black and white space for a little rock-n-roller should be done with a black wall, of course-
a girl's room can be done with a black wall, too, add some cute touches like pink dots, artworks and photos-
a partly black and white wall makes a bold accent and mint touches make the room fresher-
a Scandinavian space with a black statement wall, which is enlivened with wooden shelves and some stars-
a chalkboard wall is ideal for developing creativity, make an art station right here-
a partly chalkboard wall with a roof pattern is great for chalking on it-
refresh a black statement wall with artworks and books to make it cooler-
a chalkboard wall is a must for a kid's playing space, it allows much art-
black and white is classics for any space, and such a room can be filled with various colorful touches-
a mountain pattern painted wall in black and white for those who love adventures-
a dreamy bedroom with a black starry wall and matching sky-inspired bedding-
a half painted blakc and white wall for a vintage-inspired Nordic space-
a Scandinavian kid's room with a partly black and partly white wall with a brushstroke pattern-
a clean Scandinavian space with a chalkboard accent wall is great for cheering the space up-
black and white space is a great idea to fill it with colorful items and furniture-
a black statement wall with a cloud print makes the space more eye-catching-
a black statement wall with lots of colorful books on display attract attention to them-
a space-themed black wall with austronauts and constellations is great for a space-themed room-
make a chalkboard headboard wall, so that your kids enjoyed chalking right on the wall-
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