24+ Cool Farmhouse Nursery Decor Ideas for Your Inspiration

24+ Cool Farmhouse Nursery Decor Ideas for Your Inspiration

Farmhouse Nursery Decor - If you are a happy parent-to-be, you can be puzzling over how to decorate your nursery. There are any styles, themes and color scheme but if you want something on trend, our choice is a boho or a farmhouse nursery. The latter is a very cool idea to try it's very cozy and welcoming and literally timeless to decorate the space. Need some examples? Let's take a look at them below!

Colors And Materials

What colors to choose if you are going to pull off a farmhouse nursery? First of all, these are neutrals - beige, tan, camel, greys, off-white and creamy and various shades of natural wood. You may also include some color touches with muted tones or go black and white, for example. If you are going modern farmhouse, neutrals are preferable, if you are going vintage, you can add muted tones and mix up with boho elements in decor.

As for materials, wood, better reclaimed wood, is a must for a farmhouse space. It can be a stained wooden wall, shutters on the window, furniture and much other stuff you want. Add layered rugs, faux fur, jute and other rustic stuff you like.

Furniture And Decor

The furniture you choose depends on the type of farmhouse style you are going for: modern or vintage. You'll need a crib, a changing table, which can double as a dresser, a chair and a footrest, and all the rest is up to you. Add decor that matches rustic and farmhouse spaces - a proper gallery wall, some artworks, greenery, antlers and faux animal skin rugs.

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