24+ Cool and Colorful Nursery Decor Ideas

24+ Cool and Colorful Nursery Decor Ideas

Colorful Nursery Ideas - With modern trends for everything neutral we are used to see lots of layered neutral rooms and spaces including nurseries. But many of us still want to add some color to kids' spaces to make them more cheerful, fun and bright. Colorful nurseries raise the mood, make up great spaces for playing and having fun and inspire to create. Bright colors are great for gender-neutral nurseries and not, for various decor styles from boho to modern. Wanna know how to add color to your nursery? Here are some ideas.

Colorful Textiles

This is the easiest way to add color to the space, it's the most budget-friendly and easy to swap. Rock colorful bedding, pillows and blankets - they can be nice to add color to the space. If you are good at sewing, crocheting or knitting, you can make some blankets or pillows yourself. When you want something more neutral, you can just change the bedding. Colorful layered rugs and curtains will continue the bright theme and will infuse the room with colors.

Colorful Artworks And Accessories

Gallery walls are very trendy for decorating spaces and you can rock one or several ones in the nursery. Use colorful artworks, these can be artworks of your kid and make the room brighter and funnier. Colorful mobiles and toys are nice to incorporate bold touches into your nursery decor, and colorful garlands and buntings will create a cheerful ambience.

Other Ideas

Colorful furniture, colorful marquees and lamps, colorful chandeliers, books, toys and all kinds of stuff is welcome to make your nursery amazing. Take a look at the ideas we've gathered and get inspired to infuse your kid's space with colors.

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