24+ Amazing Contrasting Countertops for Your Kitchen

24+ Amazing Contrasting Countertops for Your Kitchen

Contrasting Countertops in Kitchen - If you want to refresh your home decor and wanna start with kitchens, renovating a kitchen can be done in many ways, splurging or on a budget. One of the hottest kitchen decor trends that won't cost you much is high contrast. Contrasting kitchen islands, lamps, contrasting statement walls, backsplashes and of course contrasting countertops and cabinets. Dark or bright cabinets with neutral countertops or vice versa are a bold contemporary feature that will give your kitchen a fresh look at once. Besides, changing the countertops isn't usually that expensive or you can at least paint the cabinets to implement this feature, so you won't break the bank. Hesitating? Here are some ideas that may inspire you!

Choose The Colors

Decide on your kitchen color or colors, as two tone kitchens are extremely popular and modern, and then just opt for contrasting countertops: if it's a dark kitchen, prefer white ones or neutral wooden ones, if it's a neutral kitchen, opt for bright or dark countertops. If you have a two tone kitchen, your countertops may match the upper cabinets for a cohesive look. Considering contrasting countertops too much? Then go for a contrasting kitchen island providing a contrasting countertop for it to make it stand out - contrasting and unique kitchen islands are another hot trend.

Play With Textures

Contrasting countertops look bold, of course, but you wanna add more interest to the kitchen, we strongly recommend to make them of a different material, too. Butcherblock, marble, stone, onyx, concrete countertops will add eye-catchiness to your kitchen easily. Your backsplash may completely match the countertops in the material and color used, or just in color - but it should match, otherwise you'll get a tasteless look – too many mismatching elements won’t do any good to your space. Enjoy the examples and get inspired!

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Contrasting Countertops
Contrasting Countertops in Kitchen
Contrasting Countertops And Island
Contrasting Granite Countertops
Granite Countertops Contrasting Island
Contrasting Island Countertops
Kitchens With Contrasting Island Countertops
Contrasting Countertops Kitchen
a trendy two tone kitchen with white and black cabinets, white countertops and gold hardware plus a white subway tile backsplash-
elegant pblue cabinets with a pure white countertop and wicker lamps over them make up a chic look-
a bright blue kitchen with a white stone countertop and a white subway tile backsplash for a highly contrasting look-
this grey and white kitchen with dark countertops features two trends in one - two colors and contrasting countertops-
elegant white cabinets are perfectly completed with dark stained countertops and dark shades that match-
a contemporary kitchen with black cabinets, white stone countertops and a matching backsplash plus catchy lamps-
vintage-inspired white cabinetry with dark countertops and a dark kitchen island with a white countertop for a contrast-
the black kitchen island features a white countertop, the same as on the cabinets to tie them up-
a bright green kitchen with white countertops and neutral handles is a very bold idea-
a contemporary blue kitchen with white countertops and a white tile backsplash clad with a pattern-
vintage-inspired white cabinets and a large kitchen island in the center with black countertops and black hardware-
a contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets and black countertops plus a shiny metal backsplash-
a small black vintage kitchen with white stone countertops looks rather formal, refined and very elegant-
stylish white kitchen cabinets accented with dark stained countertops and black hardware for a bold look-
a black kitchen island and white cabients are covered with the same neutral stone countertops for a cohesive look-
a modern farmhouse kitchen with black cabinets and white stone countertops plus brass hardware-
a stylish black farmhouse kitchen with white countertops and touches of wood to soften the look-
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