21+ Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas For A Statement

21+ Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas For A Statement

Contrasting Kitchen Island Countertop - There are many kitchen decor trends popping up: two-toned kitchens, concrete backsplashes, butcher block countertops, penny tiles and soon. Need more trends for a fashion-forward kitchen? Today we are considering one more cool trend, these are contrasting kitchen islands.

A contrasting kitchen island means that the island will differ from the cabinets. The piece is usually of the same style as your cabinets but it looks absolutely different, and it can make a statement with its color or decor. You can tie it up with the cabinets using the same countertops or at least those of the same material. Let's take a look at some inspiring ideas!

Contrasting Kitchen Islands

A totally different kitchen island is a nice idea for making a bold statement - with style, with materials, with colors, with all of them together. It can be also used to add a touch of a different style to your kitchen decor. It may be a bold stone and metal kitchen island in a minimalist kitchen, it can be a rustic stained wood kitchen island in a contemporary space or a statement stone kitchen island in a kitchen with wooden cabinets. Such a solution always guarantees that your kitchen won't be boring.

Contrasting Kitchen Islands That Are Tied Up

A contrasting kitchen island may be tied to your kitchen cabinets to create a stylish unified look. The most popular idea is ordering a kitchen island of the same look as the cabinets but of a different color, this is a great way to add a colorful touch to your space. Another idea is rocking the same countertop as on the kitchen cabinets, it's a cool and catchy way to create a bold look yet a bit unified one. You may also use the same material for the countertop of the kitchen island and backsplash, it's a more original way to tie up the piece with the rest of the space.

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Contrasting Kitchen Island
Contrasting Kitchen Island Countertop
Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas
Contrasting Kitchen Island Color
Contrasting Kitchen Island And Cabinets
Contrasting Kitchen Island With Cherry Cabinets
White Kitchen Contrasting Island
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Grey Kitchen Contrasting Island
Contrasting Kitchen Island Cabinets
Contrasting Island in White Kitchen
a black and white kitchen with a dark green kitchen island that adds color to the space-
a white kitchen with a grey kitchen island, a stone countertop and a metallic tile backsplash add interest-
a minimalist white kitchen plus a sleek black kitchen island and a geometric ceiling for a wow effect-
an elegant modern white kitchen with a grey kitchen island with a thick white countertop-
a modern white kitchen plus a large kitchen island table in black and with a wooden tabletop-
a modern white kitchen and a black kitchen island, a marble backsplash and countertop to tie them up-
a neutral glam kitchen with a wood clad kitchen island to add texture and interest to the space-
a trendy two-toned kitchen look can be achieved with a large kitchen island of a different color like here - a bold blue one-
add color to your space with a different kitchen island like here - a blue farmhouse piece to a white kitchen-
a beautiful white kitchen with a navy kitchen island and a marble countertop for a chic touch-
a luxurious modern kitchen with white cabinets and a burgundy-colored kitchen island with rounded corners and a marble countertop-
white cabinets with a navy kitchen island and a white countertop that echoes with the cabinets themselves-
a contrasting black kitchen island with a sleek white countertop to connect it to the cabinets-
white cabinets and a green kitchen island are united with the same countertops for a continuous look-
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