20+ Ideas and Tips to Design A Cool Powder Room

20+ Ideas and Tips to Design A Cool Powder Room

Powder Room Designs 2020 - Powder rooms aren't present in every home but if you have one, decorate it properly to make the space look no less cooler than the rest of the house. Whatever your home decor style and colors are, there are some simple ways to make your powder room eye-catching, let's have a look at them.

Interesting Materials Used In Decor

You can make your powder room chic and eye-catchy using interesting materials like marble, wood and various kinds of tiles. You can use different tiles or different materials together to create contrasting walls, or just highlight some part of the wall. A very trendy idea for walls today is wallpaper, and of course it's suitable for a powder room. Go for trendy moody realistic floral wallpaper that will make your space vintage and refined, or prefer crazy Dalmatian print wallpaper and highlight it with brass accents for a glam look. keep in mind that the darker wall cover you'll choose, the smaller the space will look.

Accent Wall

A more popular idea to make the powder room look cool is an accent wall. It may be of tiles and go down the floor or up the ceiling, a wooden wall, or a wallpaper one. A marble or marble tile wall will add a refined and modern feel to the space, different kinds off stone, concrete and creative print wallpaper will be another great choice. Everything here depends on the style of the space and its colors and an effect you want to achieve - choose the materials accordingly.

Original Vanity

As a powder room always has a sink, a cool vanity can be your accent touch in this small space, it's the cheapest and the easiest to implement idea, besides, you can change the vanity as often as you want. choose one according to the style of the space, for example, if it's a rustic space, then a wooden vanity or a butcher's countertop is your choice. If you like glam, rock marble and gilded framing, if minimalism is your thing, go for a floating white vanity with drawers. Get more ideas below and make your powder room awesome!

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