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Ultra Modern Backyard Shed With Skylights

Ultra Modern Backyard Hut with Skylights

Backyard Shed Ideas - Backyard and garden sheds of all kinds and for various purposes have become extremely popular as it's very convenient to have a space where you can escape just for a while and do what you want. if you are looking for inspiration for one, here it is - a modern backyard retreat with various functions.

The whole backyard was renovated by Board & Vellum and they also added a backyard shed. The backyard now features concrete pavers, a wood deck with built-in benches and a matching fence, a hot tub and a fire pit. The shed itself is only 169 square feet of space, featuring glass walls and sliding doors, skylights and blue exterior walls.

Originally, the shed was designed as a cozy reading space but then it got more and more functions: it got a guest suite and an entertainment space, too. The shed is small yet open to the backyard and feels very airy due to much glass and skylights, only one section features solid wood walls. The inner decor is modern with an elegant feel, there are eye-catchy decor features here and there. Though the shed is rather small, it features surprisingly much storage space with furniture with storage and built-in shelving units.

A ladder offers access to a secret loft bedroom which has its own source of natural light and views, isn’t it an ideal sleeping space? Though it’s small, it features much light and views. The cabin opens onto a wooden deck and the sliding glass doors ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

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