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Traditional Cotswold English Cottage In Australia

Traditional Cotswold English Cottage In Australia

English Cottage Garden - At first glance you may think that this is an old English cottage but no! This home is called Fig Tree Cottage and was built in 1988 in Queensland, Australia. The architect spent much time in the U.K. learning how to construct a traditional Cotswold-style cottage so he could recreate the look of one. And he succeeded!

The cottage features the same traditional Cotswold look and spirit inside replicating the all the most enthralling features of Old World living. Quaint little doorways, heavy timber beams and dreamy upstairs dormer windows combine with the timber stairway and huge old brick fireplace to create an enveloping sense of coziness and warmth. Polished timber floors on the upper level and quarry tiles on the ground level are perfect with the English cottage decor.

The house comprises 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, each place being a perfect example of how to pull off this gorgeous classic English cottage style. My favorite space here is the living room done with a couple of white sofas, a white coffee table with drawers, a light blue dresser, a white hearth put in a brick niche. Blue and white decorative plates add style to the space.

One of the rooms opens up to the garden, there's a terrace here. All this is set behind a picture-perfect white picket fence.

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