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Rustic Cabin Duo On A Remote Forest Site

Rustic Cabin Duo in a Remote Forest Location

Forest Cabins For Sale - If you love spending your holidays outside the city, this rustic cabin duo will impress you! It's located near the rural town of Fairplay, Colorado on a remote site with spectacular views, perfectly hidden in the thick forests to have peaceful holidays.

The house is composed of two buildings clad in cedar and topped with gabled roofs, which create a wind-protected space in between, and thick forests around hide the cabin providing privacy. Cedar siding on exterior walls was stained black to help the dwellings blend with the forest. The two parts are connected with a platform made of slip-resistant steel decking, which doesn't affect the existing landscape.

The interiors are done using much plywood to keep the atmosphere rustic. There's extensive glazing to catch the picturesque views of the nature around. The cabins are different in size, and the larger contains an open area for living, dining and cooking, a gym and a master suite. The smaller dwelling houses two bedrooms and a bathroom. The cabins are organized with a simple open layout to let natural light and breezes pass through all the sides.

A number of elements help keep indoor temperatures cool in the summer and warm in the winter, such as closed and open cell-foam insulation, double- and triple-pane windows with low-e glass, and rolling barn door shutters. LED lighting and high-efficiency appliances keep energy consumption to a minimum. The cabins are pre-wired for a three-kilowatt array of photovoltaic panels, which will supply all of the required electricity.

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