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Refined San Francisco Apartment With Bright Touches

San Francisco Apartment with a Bright Touch

Apartment With A Bright Touch - The San Francisco dwelling was designed for a retired couple who were transitioning to city life after residing in a single-family home in California’s wine country. Californian studio Jennifer Robin Interiors has used color, texture and custom pieces to create a comfy urban apartment for them.

The lifestyle change was prompted by their desire to downsize and dedicate more time to leisure activities. The couple wanted a space that blended refinement with coziness, and also offered cheerful moments that could help counter San Francisco’s foggy days. Large windows, city views and a modern sensibility all played into the design process.

The apartment presented some challenges, such as limited space and odd dimensions. In the public areas, an abundance of large windows minimized the usable wall space and also created a “fishbowl effect”. The designers came up with several clever solutions to these issues. For the only blank wall in the room, they used grey plaster with a textured look, which serves as a contrast to the light-toned surfaces.

The living room also features a woven rug, a side table by Konekt, a maple coffee table and a pair of green, wedge-shaped poufs. Windows are covered with sheer drapes that provide privacy while adding a soft touch to the space.

In the dining area, the designer placed a round, sculptural table with extensions that make it suitable for dinner parties. The master bedroom features a similar interplay of elegance and playfulness. In a guest suite, the team placed a bed with a velvet headboard in deep blue, a round side table and a wooden desk topped with glass. Green, yellow and orange accents help enliven the space. The apartment also features an office that doubles as a media room.


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