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Refined And Elegant Apartment In Tribeca

Refined And Elegant Apartment In Tribeca

This apartment is located in a mixed-use, brick-clad building that juxtaposes the cutting edge with the historic and is decorated by Portuguese furniture company De La Espada and the design gallery The Future Perfect. The team set out to produce a distinctive residence that exudes livable elegance.

The apartment is done in light shades to make it feel airy and turquoise and teal touches are added to make it brighter and bolder. Natural wood in rich stains is added, too, to make the spaces more natural.

The open-plan public area occupies a triangular space with pale wooden flooring and white walls. The room is dressed with an eclectic mix of furnishings that align with the building’s exterior, which features a merging of contemporary and classical elements.

The living space is fitted with a grayish sofa, which has a low back and brushed-brass feet. Arranged around the sofa are Elysia lounge chairs and a portable, wood-and-brass side table. A focal point of the lounge area is the coffee table; its aluminum top depicts body parts embracing one another.

The kitchen features white cabinetry, marble counters and a pastel-blue backsplash. The light tones are contrasted with a pair of chunky bar stools. The dining area is positioned near a large window with ombre drapery. The wooden table and seating, including a settle with a tall back, are super chic and elegant.

In the bedroom, the team placed a nightstand and tall chest and a three-legged, brass side table. An office features a desk and green chair and a ladder-style, black walnut bookshelves. The apartment has a range of lighting fixtures, including various pieces and hand-tufted rugs.

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