Practical Shelving Systems Ideas for Modern Homes

Practical Shelving Systems Ideas for Modern Homes

Shelving System For Closet - There's no home without shelves! They are necessary for storage and they can be part of home decor, and if we take shelving systems, they can be also used as space dividers. If you are looking for the coolest shelving systems for your home that can make a beautiful part of decor and store a lot, we have some ideas for you! These designers' shelves are ready to be bought right now, just choose a configuration that you like.

There's something chaotic yet beautiful about the Helix furniture system. It can manifest itself on a wall and even continue onto adjacent walls and even the ceiling. Adaptable and modular, the Helix can be arranged in an infinite number of layouts, and be used as bookshelves, lighting enclosures, or even window frames.

Chuck is a shelving system, which is stemmed from the idea to create individual flexible room for just about any object. The simple wooden wall shelf unfolds itself into a system made up of flexible wooden planks that adapts to the objects it preserves and displays. Consisting of six wooden planks with two stainless steel locking collars placed at either end, the timber bands expand and contract wedging the desired objects in between them, whereby each object slightly changes the behavior of the shelving system.

The Cubit modular shelving system is available in 25 sizes and 8 depths, so you can configure the completely modular individual units any way you see fit. You will be able to create shelves that store DVD's, records, books, keepsakes, various objects and more. Many different sizes, modularity and ultimately the ability to turn rectangular modules make the shelving system the perfect solution for any challenging spaces, and for any room, from a home office to a living room.

The Serpent by Bashko Trybek is an interesting modular shelving system that will let you adapt your shelves to your storing needs. The Serpent shelving idea is a modular concept that's meant to fit both your needs and the actual space you intend to place the shelves in, whether it's at home or at your modern office.

Thanks to the absolute transparency of its 8-mm extra clear tempered glass, the Air Shelf seems to float on air, almost as if it were suspended in space. This makes it perfect in areas where there is not much light, since glass lets light pass through, giving Air an alluring elegance and inspiring visual emotion.

This expanding shelving unit by Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig can bunch up or stretch out depending on how much space you have. The Set shelving comprises a beech-wood frame with scissor-like pivots plus folded steel shelves. These sit over rails between each joint and stop the structure stretching any further.

Up The Wall invites you to step in to create a shelf that works for you and your needs. One set contains one short and one long shelf that join together to form an asymmetrical cross. The beauty of the design is that you can add more sets to build a custom shelf as large or as small as you want.

Described as an update of the “classic string shelf”, this customizable shelving system by Berlin design firm Studio Hausen comprises a series of steel and ash wood modules. The four shelves in each set are the same width and depth, but come in two different lengths. Three different styles of bracket - one triangular, one square and one rectangular - create a variety of assembly possibilities.

Build is a modular shelving system that can be mixed and configured to your liking. The modular elements simply adapt to your needs. It grows with you, as your life and needs evolve. Each Build unit is identical, allowing the system to be grown and reconfigured over time. When moving home, Build is easily disassembled and belongings are instantly packed and ready to move.

Graphite is a new modular shelving solution that harnesses the versatility of the hexagon to adapt to your unique spacial requirements! Easily connected at any of its 6 sides, you can pair them together as high or as long as you need. The configuration possibilities are truly endless so you can add, take away or readapt them to fit any room. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can store your system when you don't need it. Anyone will be able to assembly or reconfigure graphite spatial shelving system with his own hands and the help of a screwdriver.

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