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Cozy Provence Style Townhouse For A Large Family

Comfortable Provence style Townhouse for Large Families

Provence Decorating Style - Cozy Provence style is extremely popular now because it's soft and welcoming, and today we have an eye-candy for you exactly in this style, this is a townhouse of ​​approximately 145 square meters designed for a large family.

The dining space features antique cupboards with floral patterns, a vintage-inspired table and chairs with emerald upholstery. There's a cozy chandelier and cool botanical artworks on the wall that echo with green curtains.

The kitchen is of cream color, with light-colored wooden countertops and a patterned tile backsplash. There's a breakfast nook and roman shades on the window for comfortable using. One of the walls is totally glazed in French style and pendant lamps accentuate the breakfast zone.

The living space is particularly small, the focal point here is a faux fireplace with candles. Botanical wallpapers echo with a green wall and a patterned curtain. A rustic coffee table and neutral upholstery add coziness to the space.

The master bedroom is done with purple touches, which look very cute and relaxing. The main color is buttermilk here, it's very warm and soothing and it matches purple in a very cool way. The window is French and designed as doors to bring more light in, cozy textiles create a comfy ambience. A refined cabinet and mirror in a cool frame look really great, and even the TV is framed in the same way. Here you can see a small sleeping space for the younger child who can't sleep without his parents yet.

The master bathroom also features touches of green and purple that tie it to the whole apartment. The same buttermilk as the main color is a great idea to make a bathroom cozy and welcoming.

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