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Cozy Farmhouse Dwelling With Modern Details

Comfortable Farmhouse with Modern Details

Modern Farmhouse Decor - Farmhouse style is very popular for today's homes due to its warmth and coziness, it's a great style that suits a family on the whole. This farmhouse dwelling offers 3,199 square feet of living space and has four bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. It's located in Cathedral Pines, Colorado Springs and was completed by studio All About Home Design. It follows an eclectic aesthetic which reinterprets the typical farmhouse design in a simpler and more modern manner.

On the outside the house showcases a very pleasant combination of dark grey and creamy white surfaces complemented by exposed brick accents. This chic exterior is completed with a rich green lawn for a refresh. For the interior, the designers made use of wooden floors, exposed beams, shiplap and a multitude of textures and patterns and created a very welcoming and cozy environment. Farmhouse lighting and other decor accents tie the rooms together and emphasize the soothing and casual aesthetic of this entire project. The interior spaces also highlight the gorgeous views of the canyon and nearby hillside landscape.

The kitchen features a nice blend of retro and modern design elements, it's large and spacious and has a big island with a farmhouse sink built into it. The dining area has two big sets of windows on adjacent walls. The master bedroom is quite simple and has a bright and airy decor. The master bathroom is white with little hints of green and herringbone patterned flooring.

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