8+ Luxurious Wooden Bathtubs For Home Spas

8+ Luxurious Wooden Bathtubs For Home Spas

Wooden Bath Tub UK - Soaking in wooden tubs has long been a tradition in many cultures, and wooden bathtubs and sinks became a huge trend several years ago. This is a new level of luxury and they give your bathroom a natural feel, it immediately feels like a home spa. If you are ready for such a gorgeous idea and maybe are looking for such a tub, we have a bunch of stunning tubs you can buy.

First Khis by Frants Seer is the first bathtub we'd like to share. A hand cut and hand polished piece of wood is painstakingly matched and assembled in deep wooden bathtub. What's special about these tubs? The wood is dark and the metal parts are done in gold - that's an amazingly stylish combo! What would be more relaxing than filling this ash wood tub to the rim and taking a little time out?

Created by designer Matteo Thun, the unusual soaking tub is made entirely of larch wood which is thoroughly dried, then cut, shaped and assembled. The Japanese Ofuro soaking bath tub from Italian company Rapsel was inspired from traditional Japanese tubs. This Japanese tub would make a great addition to minimalist bathrooms and Zen-inspired designs.

Solid wood Shell bathtub by Nina Mair is carved from a solid block of aromatic walnut using a precision CNC milling machine. The final form is refined, polished and oiled by hand many more times. With extremely high precision and a great love of detail, this concept is at the edge of what is possible - a wood bathtub cannot be made any more delicate.

Build from over 200 pieces of sustainably harvested sapele wood, this boat shaped wooden bathtub is comfortable, warm and deep. A beautiful vessel that will take you across smooth seas. Sealed with many layers of epoxy, an invisible layer of fiberglass reinforcing and 6 coats of varnish, the wood bathtub will stay dry and beautiful. The custom bathtub shown has a second internal rim with an overflow drain that goes between the walls of the tub to the bottom. Alternately the tub could be built without this inner wall and instead have a beautifully sculpted spout that leads over the low point of the back side to a floor drain.

Italian company Tempoperdue presents a luxurious tub called the Desiderio. This bathtub is created for a long relaxation, alone or together - that doesn't matter. The Jacuzzi is very stylish, looks cool and modern. The pieces of wood are the top of style and fashion and this one is to the point. Hydromassage and chromotherapy options are available to make your time unforgettable; you can place everything you want on a small top. Don't forget to take a bottle of champagne!

Laguna Pearl bathtub by Alegna is another gorgeous wooden piece. Thanks to its compact external dimensions and the simple mode of installation it can also be installed in an existing bathroom with minimum trouble. Its attractive design and high-quality workmanship as well as the natural warmth of the wood make it the central eye-catching element in every bathroom.

Berlin based designer Tal Engel has designed a bathtub which draws influences from traditional Asian boat building techniques. The bathtub is made of a pressed woven veneer sheet and a steel frame. The pressed surface is coated with a polymeric material which allows water resistance and structural strength to carry heavy weights.

The Baignoire Stone Pixel tub by Bleu Nature is an artful combination of man meets nature. The tub is decorated in a very natural way, in an earthy motif to balance the ultra-contemporary lacquered metal, all set on a bold, it's shaped to suit any space.

The luxurious Ocean Shell tub by Bagno Sasso Mobili has a shape of a sea shell - isn't it a natural choice for a tub design? Such a piece will bring a double natural feel to your space: it's a shell and it's made of wood. Looks stunning!

Enjoy a modern solid wood bathtub by Italian company e-Legno Group. Made by hand with the finest quality materials and finished in transparent matte resin, wow!



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