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8 Coolest Modern Sofas You'll Want To Buy Right Now

8 Awesome Modern Sofas for Best Furniture

Modern Sofa Design - There's no living room without a sofa, and it's a great way to make a statement because many living rooms are centered around the sitting area with a sofa. Choose a functional and comfortable piece that will fit your interior; many modern designers make cool sofas that are practical, mobile and cool-looking. Let me share some of them for you to get inspired.

Designed by Theo Williams Studio for Another Brand, the Legna sofa gives nod to British mid-century design with its minimalist wood frame and leather upholstery. Available as a two or three sitter, the sofa beautifully displays the British craftsmanship. The functional Legna sofa is adaptable with its optional Legna Platform Tables, available in Square, Short, or Long, that are designed to rest at the back or side of the sofa. The tables can be moved around as necessary and perfectly complement the style of the sofa, whose thick oak frame rests atop refined steel legs.

Pack is a grand, sculptural sofa that resembles an ice floe. The back is a large bear lying on its side, and the upholstery is rich faux fur. Given the sofa's scale and story, Pack is sure to evoke daydreaming. And while Pack fits lovingly into large homes with open living areas, this is exactly the type of conversation piece that people remember, making it ideal for hospitality venues. Lying on it and talking to your family and friends or having a cozy nap with a bear is so great!

The Lift-Bit is a modular furniture system that transforms from sofa, to chair, to bed, to chaise lounge to whatever else your creativity dreams up. The Lift-Bit consists of a cluster of bright green, upholstered stools which are motorized using a linear actuator. This means that the cushions on the stool can be raised or lowered. Furthermore, it can be controlled through gestures, or of course, a mobile app, it's an ideal piece for any modern dwelling where lots of things are already controlled using apps and various remote controls, now your furniture will be too.

Lovely Day features an uncluttered aesthetic and innovative self-supporting cushions: the design gives the cushions structural support in any position and at any angle-creating a multitude of configurations for user comfort. With sculpted metal feet that emphasize its slim lines and ethereal appearance, it's ideal for contemporary hospitality environments.

Everyone loves hugs, especially when feeling lonely or sad. This unit is created right for those who need some hugs - it's the Free Hug Sofa by Lee. It is basically a furry chair that you sit in and it can hug you back; it's a plush seat with two big arms that you can wrap around yourself to help you relax after a long hard day. Put two together for a full-body hug and feel warmth and care.

To avoid costs and inconveniences for the people moving, and to reduce the use of resources, Raz Omer has created the concept for the modular inflatable Naja sofa, assembled in only six easy steps within 3 minutes. The lightweight structure and inflatable seat come in a durable bag that now makes it easy and handy to move a comfortable two-meters sofa. The assembly of the structure is completed in five steps and works without screws or work tools. With an easy mechanism, it is assembled within seconds after which an automated or manual inflation - through a built-in pump - turns it into the centerpiece of an apartment.

The Re Cinto Sofa's an award winning piece of furniture, and it looks like a massive bunch of French fries! And just like the fries, the Re Cinto sofa is all about making you feel comfortable and fuzzy inside. Each individual pillow can be rearranged and swapped for pillows of different colors, allowing you to make a collage out of your sofa set. The Re Cinto also features a floating Plywood base that can be used to store items of your preference. The multiple cushion design can cleverly accommodate for cords and wires, allowing your chargers and other gizmo wiring to pass right through the sofa.

Designer Julia Kononenko has already excited us with her sculptural Water Map Sink and now she created one more piece that surprises us. This time it's Convertible Sofa that as its name suggests, is a transforming furniture that turns into a full 6-person dining table with seating. To transform into the dining table form, the cushions detach to become comfortable stools and floor cushions. The backrest folds and transforms into an extended counter top, while the main base becomes the table platform. For any house or apartment with lack of space, it's just a salvation!


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