54+ Example Awesome and Inviting Summer Terrace Decor Ideas

54+ Example Awesome and Inviting Summer Terrace Decor Ideas

Cool Outdoor Decorations - There are two months left before summer but it's time to think about summer decor now, look for some cool furniture and designs and DIY something interesting. Today I'd like to share some awesome summer terrace designs that will definitely inspire you to redesign your own outdoor space.

Styles And Colors

Like minimalist and calm design? Go for Scandinavian-themed terrace, use black, grey and white and natural wood; bright greenery around will enliven the space. Prefer something bright? Try boho and folksy decor or boldly rock a modern colorful terrace. Contrasting Mediterranean and tropical terraces are welcome – these styles are popular now. Summer is bright, so you may continue it in your terrace decor: orange, yellow, green and turquoise will create a cheerful atmosphere and hint on the fun season.

Furniture And Decor

What furniture are you going to use for the terrace? Decide, whether it will be a living or a dining room or even both – choose furniture accordingly. Think of built-in benches, sofas with storage units, small and dining tables with fireplaces built-in, fire pits, candles, lights and of course some decor. Potted greenery and blooms, artworks, baskets and crates for storage and various fire pits and candle lanterns will make your space cozy. Add some cozy textiles that match your terrace in colors and prints. Get inspired by the ideas below and create the best summer terrace decor ever!

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