48+ Example Relaxing Outdoor Beds for Your Home

48+ Example Relaxing Outdoor Beds for Your Home

Modern Outdoor Bed - To relax outdoors, in the sunlight or, on the contrary, in the shadows in light summer wind, there's nothing better than a hanging bed. Lie, read, talk and just sleep - a soft hanging bed would be a great idea! It shouldn't be too heavy, it may be single or double, with lots of cushions and pillows for maximum comfort, the main point is to hang it so that it wouldn't fall. Modern designers present a lot of ideas and concepts of which you may choose, or just make it yourself. Below you'll find some pretty examples of hanging and swing beds that you may hang in your patio or garden, enjoy!

Choose Your Style

Your outdoor hanging bed should be a continuation of your outdoor decor - if it's gypsy, then boho and gypsy, if it's minimal, then minimalist and so on. Choose or craft the piece that matches your space - sleek and simple for a modern or minimalist space, of stained wood or of pallets for a rustic space, prefer a stable and comfortable construction for the bed. Make sure that your hanging bed is hanging stably: on chains or thick ropes to hold all the weight you are going to place there.


To make your bed more welcoming, accessorize it with soft cushions and mattresses, add bright or heavenly neutral bedding, printed pillows and maybe even a mosquito net if needed. Add lights around or place some lanterns to make relaxing at night here more peaceful and place some citronella candles to avoid bugs. Get inspired and bring peace to your outdoor space with a hanging bed!

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