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48+ Cute and Practical Mosquito Net Decoration Ideas

48+ Cute and Practical Mosquito Net Decoration Ideas

Summer is a wonderful season, full of sunlight, birds' songs, sea breeze and green grass but there's one thing that spoils it a bit, and these are insects. You can use repellent candles and torches to avoid them but if you don't like citrus smells, you can always go for a mosquito net. Mosquito nets have already become a cool decor element, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and add vintage charm to your space. Use a mosquito net as curtains and hang some on your porch, balcony or around your pergola; if you have an outdoor bathing or dining space, you definitely need to cover it with a mosquito net. A mosquito net is a must for your picnic zone in the garden, it's especially important for your kids. Get inspired by the ideas below!

Mosquito Nets Outdoors

A mosquito net can be used in many outdoor spaces - terraces, balconies, patios, gardens and so on. It can highlight a bed, a daybed, a sofa, a chair, a dining zone and even a tub, you may create a cozy sleeping space with some rugs, pillows and a net over them. Rocking a mosquito net not only keeps bugs away, it helps to get some privacy (essential for bathtubs), separates spaces and adds a relaxed holiday feel to your outdoor zones. You may go not only for a net but also for curtains if it's a huge outdoor space - a balcony, a terrace, a porch or some other. Such curtains will also keep the space rather private and will save you from excessive sunshine.

Mosquito Nets Indoors

A mosquito net can be used indoors - as a canopy and curtains for your bed - such an idea will give your bedroom a breezy boho feel, they will remind of summer holidays and tropical locations. Mosquito net curtains will separate your sleeping space and keep it more private; you may add lights to them to make your space brighter. Mosquito nets are also good to highlight a bassinet or a crib and separate it from the rest of the space, and also to accent a sofa or a daybed. As boho chic style is on top, adding mosquito nets is a trendy idea – get inspired!

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an outdoor rustic dining space covered with an oversized mosquito net with a tent helps to avoid sunshine, bugs and even rain-
a mosquito net used for decor in a small balcony, it gives a relaxed feel to the red brick space-
cover your food or drink station with a mosquito net to keep the bugs away from it-
a small balcony with a mosquito net over the balcony, which is part of decor-
mosquito net curtains you may cover your space with -  avoid any bugs using them-
an outdoor boho space done with rugs, pillows, cushions and mosquito nets over it for a mood and vibes more than for bugs-
a wooden bench with boho lace bedding and a turquoise mosquito net over it to add color and style-