42+ Dreamy Sunken Bathtubs to Relax In

42+ Dreamy Sunken Bathtubs to Relax In

Bathtub And Shower - Sunken bathtubs are super trendy now because they are beautiful and give your bathroom a spa touch as they are often built at resorts. Of course, they are more difficult to install and require some particular space but they are so comfortable! You can design such a bathroom in various styles: Greek, tropical, Moroccan, minimalist, zen or any other. If it's not a one-piece tub but a space designed as a tub, you can make it in concrete or cover with tiles, according to the style you've chosen. Add a fireplace, luxurious natural cosmetics, candles and flower petals, and your impressive bathroom is ready!

Functional Bathtubs

A functional sunken bathtub usually unites a bathtub and a shower space - it means that you won't take much floor space with your bathing areas. Your sunken bathtub can be done with concrete, tiles, stone and even wood and your may also go for a deck around your bathtub space, don't go for slippery decks to prevent falling. You may also add glass sliding doors for your shower as usual and open them when you are having a bath.

Relaxing Bathtubs

A relaxing bathtub that isn't combined with a shower space can be placed anywhere - even in a bedroom! If you are going for an only relaxing bathtub, think of having a view - place your bathtub next to a glazed wall if you don't care about privacy or even hang curtains and open them when needed. Surround your sunken tub with candles, pebbles, potted plants and blooms, make a built-in fireplace or place a stove to relax with two elements at the same time.

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a large minimalist bathroom with a sleek wooden floor and a sunken bathtub plus a fantastic view through a panoramic window-
a minimalist bathroom done in concrete and with a white sunken bathtub is very simple, casual and with no fuss-
a minimalist white bathroom with a shower space and a sunken bathtub looks all sleek and chic-
a minimal monochromatic bathroom in black and white, with skylights and a sunken bathtub is a very simple and stylish space-
a sunken oval bathtub with tiles around plus an entry to the terrace to fill the space with light and air-
a grey tile bathroom with a panoramic window for a view and a sunken bathtub to relax as much as possible-
a minimal white bathroom with an arched ceiling plus a sunken bathtub, lanterns and sponges around-
a navy and grey bathroom with a white sunken tub and sinks plus wooden folded stools and a basket for storage-
a sunken bathtub with a deck right in the bedroom with a fireplace, looks very natural and very relaxing and enjoyable-
a sunken bathtub clad with neutral stone and with a window to the bedroom plus some candles and a potted plant-
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