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35 Really Unique Kids Beds For Eye-Catchy Kids Rooms

30+ Unique Children's Beds For Attractive Children's Rooms

Unique Kid Bed - A bed is a must and basis for every kids' room because the main thing your kid is supposed to do there is to sleep. A bed often becomes a centerpiece of a kids' room or at least an important part of it, and you can even make a statement with a bed. Besides, a kid bed should be very comfortable, cozy and functional, no less than an adult bed because children should feel comfy while sleeping. Today we've prepared a bunch of amazing kids' beds that aren't only functional or comfortable but are also very good-looking, stylish and original.

Camping-Inspired Kid Beds

A camp or a tent is a popular idea for both a girls' or a boys' room, just decorate your kids' room in boho, rustic or relaxed style and put a large tent in the middle. Depending on the sex of your child, you can make the fabric in girlish pink or boyish blue. Such a bed is a nice idea to let your kid keep privacy, he or she can get inside when needed and hide from all the world.

Vehicle Kids' Beds

Vehicle-inspired beds are a real statement thing, take princess carriages for girls and tractor or race cars bed for boys. There are also fire tracks, boats, ships, retro buses and planes for boys and most of them can be made bunk - in case you have two boys it's a very useful idea.

House-Inspired Kids' Beds

House-inspired kid beds are another cool way to keep privacy, these can be tree houses, lifeguard houses, fire station houses and just house frame beds - not much privacy but such a cool look!

Find more awesome kid beds below and get inspired to create the best and most original kids' room design ever!

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