30+ Modern Pedestal Sinks to Make your Bathroom Comfortable

30+ Modern Pedestal Sinks to Make your Bathroom Comfortable

Pedestal Sinks at Lowes - Decorating a bathroom is a tricky yet important thing for several reasons. First of all, it's often a small space, which means that it will be difficult to decorate anyway, whatever style you choose. Second, a bathroom is a relaxation oasis, which should be designed to be comfy and practical yet stylish and relaxing to wash your cares away. If you are looking for awesome solutions to make your bathroom really outstanding and eye-catching, I have a great idea for you - a pedestal bathroom sink.

A sculptural pedestal bathroom sink is perhaps not the most practical solution but it definitely makes a statement and catches an eye. It's a great idea if you want to make your bathroom more stylish and modern. there are a lot of materials and designs to choose from, so it will fit a lot of bathrooms. Let's have a look at some examples.

Round Sinks

Round sinks are usually done in light shades, mostly white or off-white. They look cute and modern without being too harsh, so this is a nice idea to add a modern touch to your bathroom or to make it look like a home spa. White stone, marble, Alicrite with light inside are right what you need here, nickel fixtures and faucets will finish up the look.

Square Sinks

Square pedestal sinks are perfect for any minimalist or just masculine bathrooms. Done in marble or stone, especially in dark shades, they look refined and cool and make a statement in your bathroom. you can also rock a concrete version, which is less costly but looks manly and rough, too. If you have dark walls, go for a light-colored sink, and on the contrary. There are options with integrated shelves for storage, for example, to put some soap on it.

Other Shapes

There are many more shapes to choose from: ovals, various asymmetrical and eye-catchy shapes. We strongly recommend to pay your attention to the faceted pedestal sinks, because nothing else will make your bathroom so modern and edgy like these ones. Various bent pedestal sinks look cool, too, and they will definitely highlight your bathroom decor, whatever style you prefer. Get inspired!

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