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30+ Canopy Bed Ideas for Your Bedroom

30+ Canopy Bed Ideas for Your Bedroom

Canopy beds, which have been long considered a sign of luxury, which were carved and decorated the most expensive ways possible, stopped being not for all and now this is affordable luxury you can get any time. They are making a huge come back and everyone wants them! Why? Because a canopy bed is super dreamy and you won't want to leave it when you get in, it's very pleasant to sleep in. Second, because many of us today prefer open layouts, and a canopy bed is a perfect idea to make your sleeping area more private.

Today there are so many different options that you can easily find a canopy bed to match almost any interior, from modern or rustic to industrial or glam. Actually, canopy beds can be used without any fabric on them, just for a stylish look or even to make a statement. If you are using fabric, you can also hang lights and even planters on the frame. Open canopy beds bring perfect style and still bring more light in, so this is a very popular option. If you don't have such a bed, you can build it yourself or just attach some frames to the ceiling and hang a canopy on them. let's consider both options to choose what's better.

Canopy Beds

An open frame canopy bed means that you can use it as it is or add some canopy or curtains of your choice. Such a bed will always let a lot of light in but still will make your bedroom more stylish and eye-catching, and you can even make a statement with it. The most popular option here is a metallic bed - nickel, copper, brass - with a shiny finish because it looks super chic and stylish and can easily fit lots of bedroom decor styles. Try a wooden frame bed for more comfort, and if you have a neutral-colored room, a dark wooden bed will look awesome. A think black metal frame bed is another great idea that matches any style you have, and if you wanna play with the bed look, we recommend to choose a Lucite frame bed with brass elements. If you need some privacy or just want to create a dreamy feel, add airy curtains or some fabric over the frame, and voila!

Canopies Attached To The Ceiling

If you don't have a framed canopy bed but still want a canopy, there's an easy and fast way to hang one: just attach some frames to the ceiling. You can attach only frames to hang the curtains around your bed or imitate a whole frame hanging it above the bed, just make sure that it's fastened well. Hang the curtains of your choice: airy and flowy ones or super bold patterned ones to make a colorful statement. Get inspired!

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