30+ Amazing Original Medieval Modern Bookshelves

30+ Amazing Original Medieval Modern Bookshelves

Bookcase Design Ideas - For me mid-century style means, first of all, elegant and stylish. But does this mean ordinary or boring? No! Look at these bookcases we've gathered for you! Here you'll find almost any kind of wood and different configurations: form an open shelves-like bookcase to a closed sideboard with the bookcase functions. If you are looking for a stylish bookcase for your room, you'll love some of these: small and dark sideboards that can also act as bookcases or big open bookcases that can serve as a room divider. Look for some cool and elegant ideas below and chose some piece for yourself!

Large Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

If you need much storage space, if you have lots of books and works of art to display, go for a large mid-century modern bookcase or shelf. It may be a whole wall taken by a bookcase - go for wooden boxes, open compartments of plywood plus metal or wood touches. Such a unit may also include closed storage units and even desks to save some space. If you have an open layout, why not use your large bookcase as a space divider? A bright bookcase by the wall is also a nice idea for those who don't feel like wall-mounting, go for bold shades like blue, orange, emerald, yellow and other shades. If you don't like to dust your shelves very often, add glass doors on top.

Small Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

If you don't have much space or many books, buy or DIY a small bookshelf in mid-century modern style. It's usually an open box-shaped storage, and for this style it's very characteristic to paint the inside in some bold shades or cover it with bright wallpaper. And again – if you don’t like dusting, stick to glass doors that won’t look heavy and will keep the dust away.

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