27+ Cool and Inviting Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas

27+ Cool and Inviting Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas

Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas - There's nothing as amazing as spending time outdoors in the spring or summer: fresh air, sunlight, relaxation at its best. Having meals, reading, sleeping, socializing, sunbathing, swimming and more and more - all of this is cooler outdoors! If you are a sucker for outdoor life just like me, then you definitely have some outdoor spaces to decorate and what you need else is a pool and a Jacuzzi outdoors. Even if your outdoor zone is small, you can always accommodate a Jacuzzi, and it will make you happy every time you use it. What can be better than relaxing in a hot tub outdoor after a long working day?

There are various ways to keep privacy around, different decks and greenery to plant all around. You can use different materials and style your outdoor Jacuzzi and zone around it in various ways. Interested? Let's have a look!

Sunken Jacuzzis

A sunken Jacuzzi looks very natural - as if there's a real hot spring in your backyard. Place it in your deck covered with wood, stone or some tiles, and it'll look very cool and inviting. Another idea is to sunk your Jacuzzi in a platform - a wooden, concrete or stone one, whatever is comfier for you. The Jacuzzi may be round or square, it may be incorporated into a pool or just separate. Create a privacy fence around it or just rock some green walls to keep the space cozy, and use natural materials all around, for example, light-colored wood and clad your Jacuzzi with the same wood, so it will get a Japanese spa feel.

Free-Standing Jacuzzis

Create your own spa oasis with a free-standing Jacuzzi! Just add some steps to it, or surround the tub with pebbles or greenery for a hot look. You can also add seats right to the tub to make sitting and sinking in the tub comfortable. To accentuate the Jacuzzi, you can put lanterns, candles or some eye-catchy greenery on each corner of the tub. If it's a round tub, you can add a fire pit or a fireplace next to it for a dramatic look and more relaxation.

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