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24+ Inspiring Blue Home Office Designs

24+ Inspiring Blue Home Office Designs

Blue Home Office Ideas - Blue is one of the most popular colors for home where you don't want just some neutrals. Blue is relaxing, calming and it helps to focus if you need that. Blue is a perfect option for some color, which isn't too bold (usually) and is very compatible, it can be paired up with many other colors. Today I'd like to share some ideas on blue home offices - navy, light blue and even bold ones if you love color!

Colors And Styles

There are many shades of blue you can try: light blue, powder blue, serenity blue, egg blue, electric, navy, midnight and many others. You can pair blues with white and neutrals to refresh the space, add brass, gold or silver to make it more shiny and glam, or even go for crazy colors pairing blue with pink or fuchsia.

Blue can be incorporated into most of decor styles: farmhouse, modern, contemporary, minimalist, art deco and many others. You can regulate the amount of color you use: the home office can be all done in blue, you can rock one statement wall, some furniture pieces and art, it depends on the look you want to create.

Furniture And Decor

When you decide on the style and shade of blue you want, choose how much of blue you'll use. As home offices are practical spaces, you'll want much storage space, and you can take the whole walls with storage units painting them the shade of blue you've chosen. Your ceiling can be also done blue but remember that dark shades will make your room look smaller. As for furniture, blue items will continue the color scheme creating a bold monochromatic look, the trend of this year, and neutral or contrasting furniture will make the space more eye-catchy.

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