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25 Ways To Integrate A Chesterfield Sofa Into Your Interior

24+ Ways to Integrate a Chesterfield Sofa for Interior

Chesterfield Sofa Indonesia - A Chesterfield sofa originally was a leather sofa with buttons, with a certain shape of the sofa back, and even the height of the seat, named after Philip Stanhope, the fourth earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned this fine piece of furniture. Today a Chesterfield sofa is a classic furniture piece with any kind of upholstery and buttons on it, in any color you like and of any size. If you don't know what furniture item to choose for your living space, buy a Chesterfield sofa, you can't go wrong with it. Such a sofa can easily incorporate any interior, let me prove it to you with some ideas.

Leather Chesterfields

A leather Chesterfield is classics, it was the original piece, and leather is very popular for decor now as it brings texture and interest to the space. Pick a brown leather Chesterfield to make a stylish and classic statement in your space, or go for a dark brown sofa to add a dark touch to a neutral space. A black leather sofa is another classics, which is suitable for many interiors from industrial and masculine to farmhouse and minimalist ones. If you want a bold statement, there are always colorful and bright leather sofas - red, blue, emerald and yellow. A leather Chesterfield sofa is a great idea for any space, from the most refined to the most industrial or minimal.

Fabric Upholstered Chesterfields

Who said that a Chesterfield sofa should be only of leather, with certain measurements and look? Modern designers provide various fresh takes on the Chesterfield sofa: upholstered with various kinds of fabric, in all shades and colors and with various takes on the traditional shape. Blue, black, pink, green, yellow, purple and other colors are available to help you create an ambience. Such a piece can be a colorful statement or even a space divider to visually separate the zones of your open layout. You can even find a trendy watercolor piece or even change the upholstery if you like – personalize your Chesterfield yourself! Place two Chesters opposite each other to create an ultimate conversation zone or make a combo of a Chesterfield plus another one. Enjoy!

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