24+ Trending Unit Shelves and Kitchen Shelf Ideas

24+ Trending Unit Shelves and Kitchen Shelf Ideas

Kitchen Shelves Ideas - Storage is one of the main concerns in functional spaces like kitchens, and providing good storage units is essential. If you want a nice and working kitchen, you should take care of that and incorporate various shelves and shelving units here and there. We've gathered the most popular ideas for now that you may steal for your home, they fit many different styles - take just one or combine several ones!

Minimalist Shelves

Thin minimalist wooden shelves are always a good idea, they will fit many decor styles and will allow you storage and display at their best. You don't need to remove all of your cabinetry and replace it with shelving you simply need to work shelving in anywhere you can. Such shelves don't take much space and aren't difficult to install.

Statement Thick Shelves

Rustic, farmhouse decor has become quite popular., keep that in mind and consider adding thick and statement wooden shelves. Whether it be a rustic kitchen or simply a space that needs to feel warmer, some slab wooden shelves or rough reclaimed wood ones are what you need for a cool look. A few wood shelves displayed can make a world of a difference and comfortable storage at the same time.

Cabinets With Removed Doors

Say you want to keep your cabinets yet want to have shelves as well. It's very easy to realize! Remove the doors from your cabinets, paint the backdrop and watch your kitchen take on a new life. Just like magic your shelves will completely transform proving something new and fresh to the room, and it won’t cost much, it’s a renovation that anyone can do!

Industrial Shelving Units

If you have been wanting to add something modern, and refreshing to your kitchen, an industrial twist is a way to go. Add in industrial touches to your shelves to bring them back to life without having to spend much money at all. If you already have open shelves, you can also add an industrial shelving unit to match.


Bureaus and buffets will give a sweet rustic feel to your kitchen and dining room - they are full of farmhouse amazement! Such a furniture piece is always a great way to warm up a space giving it old rustic charm and providing it with some storage space. If you have an old buffet at hand, you can just restore it giving it a new look with some paint and colorful backing; you can also make the upper part opened and highlight it with backing or different wood.

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