24+ Stone Bathtubs to Make a Statement

24+ Stone Bathtubs to Make a Statement

Stone Bathtub Surround - Stone is a timeless material that will never go out of style, and wherever you use it, it's always cool, functional, practical, catchy and durable. Stone tiles and stone itself may be used for cladding bathroom walls, floors, ceilings and for cladding shower spaces but a stone bathtub is what will make a bold statement in your space. Let's take a look at some ideas and may be you'll get inspired to get one, too.

Shapes And Looks

Stone bathtubs often come in round and oval shapes but there are also squares and rectangles, they are perfect for industrial, minimalist and ultra-modern spaces. If you are ready for eye-catchiness, you can choose a bold carved stone bathtub, carved of a single piece. Such a bathtub usually features uneven edges, a catchy irregular shape and lines, with which you'll make a bold statement in your space. As for shades, we are used to see dark stone bathtubs but neutral and soft-colored ones are getting more and more popularity as natural and neutral bathrooms are in trend now.

How To Style

A stone bathtub will fit any bathroom style, from minimalist to rustic, all you need to do is to choose a right shape and shade and style it properly. Minimalist and moody modern spaces will welcome dark rectangle stone tubs; spa and tropical bathrooms will look nice with dark and neutral stone bowl bathtubs, rustic and cabin bathrooms can be accented with rough carved stone bathtubs. Add side tables, stools and various accessories that will match the style of the bathroom.

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