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24+ Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home

24+ Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home

IKEA Oddvar stool is one of absolutely necessary things for any interior because it can be used for lots of various goals. First of all, it's a stool, so use it in that way; you can hack it a bit painting or stenciling it, or maybe add a comfy fluffy seat. Oddvar is perfect to use as a nightstand or just a side table, especially if you don't have enough space because it's rather small and comfy, and you can even make a storage compartment under the top. If you have kids, they will be happy to get a play kitchen from this stool - it's very easy to make. A plant stand, sink stand, vanity - there are so many ideas to use your Oddvar stool, just use your imagination and go!

IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks

How to hack an IKEA Oddvar stool? There are tons of ways to do that! The easiest idea is to dip the stool with some contrasting paint, which will give it a refreshed look. you can also paint the whole stool, stencil it in various ways and upholster the top to make a comfy seat. The top can be also spruced up with decoupage, removable wallpaper and tiles and in many other ways depending on the style of your space.

Make a cool learning tower, a kids' bathroom vanity or a play kitchen for your kids of an IKEA Oddvar. You can also make a plant stand, a vanity, a nightstand and many other items of this piece. All of these hacks are easily DIYable, for example, a bathroom vanity requires just an Oddvar with a cut out in the center, and a play kitchen means painting and adding knobs and hooks to the stool. Look for craft projects around the web and realized those that you like or turn on your imagination and create your own unique piece!

IKEA Oddvar Stool Repurposing

If you don't want any hacking, just repurpose your stool into a piece that you need: a vanity, a nightstand, a plant stand, a side table or into any other item and use it wherever you want, from a home office nook to a bathroom. You may stain or dip it or leave it as it is, so you’ll get a perfect piece to complete your interior. Enjoy!

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a turquoise IKEA Oddvar stool upholstered with bright coral printed fabric for a bold look-
an IKEA Oddvar stool with paint dipped legs is a cool and easy hack - choose any color that you want-
an Oddvar stool by IKEA used as a nightstand in a simple contemporary bedroom-
a bright kids' kitchen made of an IKEA Oddvar stool painted emerald and redone with hooks and other accessories-
a neutral IKEA Oddvar stool refreshed with bright red upholstery for a touch of color in your space-