24+ Shelves and Pallet Racks for Your Home

24+ Shelves and Pallet Racks for Your Home

Pallet Racks For Sale - We continue sharing some ideas what to make with your old pallets, and today's roundup is dedicated to storage units - standing and wall-mounted shelves and shelving units for every space. To build shelves, you'll have to strip your pallets first and then to use this wood for making shelves. Pallet shelves bring a rustic feel to any space and they can be used anywhere - even if you space isn't rustic, most of decor styles will embrace a rustic piece. Let's take a look at some ideas.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Strip your pallets for wood and go build a piece that fits your space! it can be a bathroom shelf with towel, toilet paper storage and some space for potted greenery or an artwork (decor is great for small spaces, too!), it can be a comfy space rack for your kitchen or a wine rack with several tiers for bottles and even a holder for glasses and some other stuff. Make a comfortable entryway rack for storing caps, hats and with hooks for clothes and bags. If you have a kid, make some bookshelves for the nursery and paint them in a bright shade. Stain and paint the shelves as you like to fit your room perfectly.

Other Shelves

If you have enough floor space to accommodate a shelf, make a usual storage piece of pallet wood - for a bathroom, an entryway, a kitchen, a dining space or any other room. If you want not only open storage, make some baskets or boxes to fit and voila. and again - staining and painting the storage units is totally up to you.

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