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24+ Pallet Dining Tables to Inspiring Your Crafting

24+ Pallet Dining Tables to Inspiring Your Crafting

Pallets are ideal for repurposing, and they can be used for building furniture of various kinds and looks - repurposing or just using pallet wood for making pieces. Today we'll take a look at some cool pallet dining tables that can be DIYed to spruce up your space.

Neutral Pallet Dining Tables

If you prefer neutrals, light stains, white paint and whitewashing are right what you need. You may take a single pallet staining or painting it and use it as a tabletop adding some legs or go for a more difficult craft stripping the pallet for the wood and building a tabletop of it. If it's a vintage table, go for refined legs, if it's a modern or industrial table, prefer hairpin legs. Like shabby chic and vintage style? Go for a whitewashed table or a keep the tabletop neutral leaving the colors of the pallet as they are.

Colorful And Bold Dining Tables

If you like bolder looks, you may go for various bold staining, for dark paints and for bold patterns on the tabletop. Go for a bold and colorful tabletop creating it of pallet wood and painting different planks in various colors. If you like more natural looks, make a chevron or any other pattern on the tabletop staining it in a rich or dark shade. As for legs, you may also add color or a bold touch to the dining table rocking bold legs - red hairpin legs, bold framing in some shade or any other. Create a bold contrast between a light-colored tabletop and darker stained legs and make some matching benches, too! Raise your dining space, outdoor or indoor one, to a new level with a cool pallet dining table!

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a simple indoor-outdoor dining table with a tabletop made of pallet wood and a white base plus white chairs-
a neutral dining table of stained pallet wood and mismatching chairs for an eclectic dining space-
give a new life to your pallets with a cool industrial-inspired tabletop and hairpin legs for a modern touch-
a dining table of a pallet for an industrial kitchen, a glass tabletop and metal legs plus wooden chairs-
an upcycled pallet dining table and matching benches with hairpin legs and touches of whitewashed colors-
build an outdoor pallet table with a rustic tabletop and metal legs and find some matching chairs-
a gorgeous vintage-inspired dining table made of refined grey legs and a frame and a colorful stained pallet tabletop-
a contemporary dining table with a pallet as a tabletop and hairpin legs on casters plus modern white chairs-
a gorgeous dining table with a chevron clad tabletop of pallet wood and black metal framing and matching benches for a boho space-
a rustic dining table with a pallet wood tabletop on hairpin legs and some matching stools-
a simple rustic dining furniture set of a table with a light-colored tabletop and benches that match-
a rustic dining table with a chevron pattern pallet wood tabletop and slatted benches, with minimal staining-
a relaxed whitewashed pallet dining table with a tabletop of a single pallet and thin metal legs on casters-
a vintage and rustic pallet furniture set of a table with refined legs and benches on both sides with bold staining-
a white dining table with a tabletop made of a single pallet on thin metal legs is a bold contemporary idea-
an outdoor dining table with a chevron pattern on the tabletop fully built of pallet wood and vintage chairs-