24+ Painted Chair Ideas for Decorating your Home

24+ Painted Chair Ideas for Decorating your Home

Painted Lady Butterfly - We are more used to stained furniture nowadays but if you want to add color to the space, why not paint the furniture? Today I'd like to share some ideas to infuse your space with color - with painted chairs, take a look how to do that.

Painted Chairs

Get a couple of old chairs and turn them into modern and bold ones using various paints. Think of rocking various colors: blue, green, pink, red, yellow and others. You may go mismatching pastels for a vintage-inspired or shabby chic look, or try super bold colors to spruce up a monochromatic or neutral space. I love the idea of using the same chairs in various colors for a bold modern look, or creating an eclectic space with mismatching colors. Combine staining and bold colors - stain the legs and paint the chair itself to achieve a cool and contemporary look. If you are looking for a more refined and vintage image, think of painting your chairs in some creamy and off-white shades – they will bring elegance and raise your home decor to a new level. If you don't feel like painting the whole chair, just dip the legs or the back and voila – you have a refreshed furniture piece!

Color Block And Ombre Chairs

If you want a more modern and bold look, use the techniques that are on trend right now: color blocking and ombre or create a two-tone look. Ombre chairs will give a new look to your space - rock various shades from white to bold, this is an easy DIY project and you'll enjoy the look. Color block chairs are also a cool and bold option to make the space more unique and catchy - try contrasting colors to make it catchier. Two-toned chairs are another cool idea, which is like color blocking but a bit softer - you just paint the legs in one shade and the chair itself in another. Get inspired by the bold and cool ideas below!

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