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25 Edgy Ways To Style Your Canopy Bed

24+ Edgy Ways To Style Your Canopy Bed

Canopy Beds For Sale - A canopy bed is perhaps not the most trendy furniture piece to rock but you can really make it bold and edgy with these ideas.

Minimalist Canopy Beds

If you have a minimalist canopy bed, leave it as it is - don't add detailing, don't hang curtains or other items, a canopy bed, especially in dark metal is a bold statement itself and it will be a centerpiece in your bedroom. If you want it to be more eye-catchy, you can finish it off with metallics or add metallic corners to it.

Metallic Canopy Beds

a canopy bed with a metallic finish is an absolute hit for many reasons. First, metallics never go out of style. Second, metallics make any space more elegant and chic. Third, metallic match any decor and style, and matching metallic isn't necessary now, so you won't have to bother about it.

The bed itself may be ultra-modern or more vintage, don't add anything to it to make the metallics stand out. You may also add a thick metal bed for a cooler and bolder statement, it will be a super glam solution. If you don't want any glam, you can go for dark metals. Another idea is to choose an acrylic canopy bed and highlight it with metallic corners for a bolder and cooler look.

Styled Canopy Beds

If you want something whimsy and quirky, you can hang something on your canopy bed. The most obvious idea is to use curtains - completely sheer ones for a texture or usual ones for separating the sleeping space from the rest of the bedroom. You may also hang a canopy up as it used to be in the Middle Ages, such an option will give a royal feel to your bedroom. Greenery on the canopy bed will make you feel like outdoors, and bulbs or lights will accent the sleeping area. Get inspired!

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