24+ Cool Ways to Decorate a Small Balcony

24+ Cool Ways to Decorate a Small Balcony

Small Balcony Ideas - If you have a small balcony and don't know how to decorate it to squeeze maximum of the space, this roundup is for you. We've gathered some ideas to pull off a small balcony in various styles to get maximum of it, let's have a look at some ideas.

Furniture And Accessories

The most popular furniture option for a small balcony is folding furniture because folding items mean that you may hide them when not needed. Folding chairs and a table are all you need to create a small sitting zone, which is useful also for having meals. Some other smart options may include an L-shaped bench with storage, which requires only a table. Have a look at hanging chairs, which bring a relaxed feel to the space at once. Hanging on the railing tables and folding ones are a nice idea for those who prefer having meals on the balcony. Use crates for sitting and storage, go for wicker furniture to add a rustic feel to the space - it won't feel like one located in a big city at all!

As for accessories, it's totally up to you but we strongly recommend candle lanterns and candle holders plus lights on the walls and railing. Get some rugs and pillows in the matching colors to make the space more welcoming. Don’t clutter your small balcony much, place just some items, otherwise it will look smaller.

Potted Greenery

Potted greenery and blooms are indispensable even for a tiny balcony - they will help you feel like outdoors and you will get a more refreshing and relaxed space. You may place as many pots and planters with greenery and blooms as you want putting them around your furniture. If there's not enough space, hang the planters on the wall or on the railing. You may also make a wall with a trellis and hang some planters there plus rock climbing greenery.

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