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25 Chic Sectional Sofas To Incorporate Into Interior

24+ Awesome Sectional Sofas to Incorporate Into Interior

Sectional Sofa Bed - A sectional sofa is a popular piece for many living rooms, there are different shapes, looks, colors that will fit any space. Such a sofa is a great idea for an open layout as it allows to visually divide the spaces. Today we are going to share the most popular shapes, looks and even layouts for those of you who are choosing such a sofa. Let's get started!

L-Shaped Sofas

L shape is the most popular one for a sectional sofa because it's very comfortable and seems to make the space more divided from the rest of the room, which is especially good for an open layout. Arrange the furniture around this large piece: add a coffee table and an ottoman or a comfy chair next to it to create an ultimate conversation zone. Place such a sofa next to the fireplace to make the pit more comfortable and cozy. Choose bold colors and interesting upholstery to make a statement or add color and brightness to your space.

U-Shaped Sofas

Another cool shape for a sectional sofa is a U. U-shaped sofas bring a symmetrical touch, which is great for not very large spaces, as symmetry makes the space look larger. If the space is small, prefer some lighter shades and colors. All you need to do is to place a coffee table inside this piece, and that's it!

Long Sofas

Long sectional sofas are another cool idea to rock in your living room: they are perfect for long and narrow spaces when you can't accommodate a L or U-shaped one. It can make a statement with its color or textural fabric or even leather and accommodate a lot of people plus work as a daybed.

Rounded Sofas

Today you can find one more eye-catchy and bold shape of sectional sofas, and these are rounded ones. They can be just long with rounded ends or almost U-shaped with rounded corners - it's up to you and your space. Such a shape is always very interesting and such a sofa will become an instant eye-catcher for sure. What's more, you can find interesting upholstery and frame to add a refined feel to the space or to use it as a statement.

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