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28 Cool Plunge Swimming Pools For Outdoors

24+ Awesome Plunge Swimming Pools for Outdoors

Plunge Swimming Pool - It's summer now and nothing can be better than staying outdoors. We are all striving to our terraces, balconies, pools and gardens. Don't have a swimming pool yet? Go build one! Even if you have a small terrace or tiny backyard, you can always accommodate a plunge swimming pool there. Whatever your outdoor style is, a plunge swimming pool will definitely fit.

A plunge pool is small-diameter swimming pool used for wading in warmer climates or adjacent to saunas. Their smaller surface and ease of covering reduce evaporative water losses, and need for potable water refilling. Their popularity has increased with concerns and needs for domestic water conservation, more sustainable landscaping design, and reduction of resource consumption with energy-efficient landscaping.

Look at your backyard and decide on the place where you want it and find out what size of the pool you can afford. There are also various shapes of plunge pools, if your outdoor space is extremely small, place a tiny square plunge pool in it. The most popular option for any backyard is a long and tight plunge pool, which often can accommodate just one person - so tight it is! One more option is a round swimming pool, which is great for wading inside, it's like a Jacuzzi but a cool one to beat the heat. You can make such a round plunge pool of a big tank yourself if you are a DIYer. If you want something more eye-catching, go for a kidney-shaped plunge pool and add a waterfall for fun. If you have kids, place some steps into the pool to make it comfier - you'll be able to sit on them when it's hot. Your kids will be happy to stay or swim in such a pool, so let them have fun inside.

Add a deck around your table, it may be made of wood, stone, concrete or any other material that comes to your mind. Get inspired to create your own plunge pool and enjoy feeling cool during hot summer day.

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