24+ Amazing Vessel Sinks with Pros And Cons

24+ Amazing Vessel Sinks with Pros And Cons

Vessel Sinks Lowes - A vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of a bathroom vanity or counter making a statement with its look. Such sinks are usually found in bathrooms as for kitchens they aren't practical enough, and I'd say more - you'll see them in powder rooms or guest bathrooms as using them everyday isn't always comfortable. A vessel sink can be any material-fired ceramic, glass, stainless steel, stone, copper, or marble, and they become a nice decorative feature for any space. Still hesitating if you need one? Take a look at the pros and cons to make a decision.


Style: vessel sinks easily raise your bathroom look to a new level without making you pay a lot, which is great. The installation is pretty easy: you won't have to cut out anything in your vanity like for a drop-in basin. Changeability is also a good idea, whenever vessel sinks come out of trend or you just get bored with them, just change them easily. A vessel sink also takes less space than a recessed sink, and you keep your extra counter space.


Vessel sinks are perhaps the most impractical ones among all of them, and if you take an often-used area, just forget them. The durability of a vessel sink isn't high: because of the exposed edges of the basin, they are prone to chipping and breakage. Vessel sinks are secured only at one point, rather than the entire perimeter. A recessed vessel sink, which sinks about half-way into the vanity but not as far as a drop-in sink, adds greater stability. Cleaning around the area of such a sink is pretty hard, and vessel sinks do not come with overflow relief drains. The higher rim can be an issue for shorter folks or for children. So keep that all in mind while choosing and take a look at our examples!

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