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25 Statement Kitchen Countertops For A Wow Effect

24+ Amazing Statement Kitchen Countertops

Colorful Tile Kitchen Countertops - If you want to renovate your kitchen a bit but haven't decided yet how to do that, there's a cool idea for you - change your countertops! This is not as costly as changing cabinets, it's easier and faster and will give your kitchen a new and fresh look. You can add swap backsplashes, too, to match the countertops. But don't go for usual ones, give your space a special and personalized look with the bold ideas we've gathered for you!

Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo is a trendy material to go for: it's bright, bold and brings both color and print to the space, which means it's perfect for giving a playful look to a neutral space. Terrazzo is not expensive, it costs less than marble or stone, and it looks catchy and modern. It's also very durable and easy to maintain - no special finishes and other stuff required.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are classics that never goes out of style: they always look wow and fit any decor style. There are lots of colors available and you can choose different veining to match the space and make more impact. Marble is rather expensive but it's very chic and will give a luxurious feel to any space, besides, it's very durable and easy to clean.

Other Countertops

What other ideas can you try to make your kitchen unusual? Colorful tiles - with various patterns and colors, this is a budget-friendly option that will bring both color and pattern to the space. Colorful epoxy countertops and painted wooden ones will make a bright statement, though they aren't very durable. If you want butcher block, try a chevron pattern and a contrasting stain to make them outstanding.

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Colorful Kitchen Countertops
Colorful Tile Kitchen Countertops
Granite Colors Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Colors Blue Countertops
Coloured Kitchen Worktops UK
an ethereal and neutral kitchen with light-colored cabinets and a light terrazzo countertop and backsplash plus touches of gold-
a black wooden kitchen highlighted with earthy-colored marble countertops including a waterfall one that make a real statement-
a neutral traditional kitchen with a grey marble countertop, black pendant lamps and a white subway tile backsplash-
a neutral kitchen with a bright terrazzo countertop that adds color and a pretty pattern to the space-
a rich-stained kitchen of wood accented with blue tile countertops and a matching backsplash to make it bold-
a grey wooden kitchen with a black marble backsplash and a matching island with a waterfall countertop-
such a super bright terrazzo countertop will make any kitchen, even the most neutral one, stand out a lot-
light green kitchen cabinets and a dark terrazzo countertop and backsplash to make the kitchen look outstanding-
a small light-colored kitchen with a grey marble backsplash and countertops including a waterfall one that rocks-
sleek white kitchen cabinets with a rich stained chevron wood kitchen countertop that brings color and texture-
a neutral kitchen of light-colored wood, with a stone sink and a bright tile countertop plus a green tile backsplash to wow-
a chic blue kitchen and a kitchen island with a gorgeous white marble waterfall countertop that makes a statement here-
an elegant white kitchen with a chic kitchen island with a white marble waterfall countertop that brings luxe here-
a monochromatic kitchen with a gorgeous kitchen island that features a white marble countertop and makes a statement-
a minimalist white kitchen and a black kitchen island with a cool black marble countertop that echoes with a white marble backsplash-
a vintage-inspired wooden kitchen with a bright tile countertop that makes it outstanding and really bold and cool-
a minimalist midnight blue kitchen with a black marble backsplash and countertop that give it an ultimate luxe look and feel-
hunter green kitchen cabinets accented with gold touches and with bright terrazzo countertops are very chic and bold-
a luxurious white kitchen with a large kitchen island and a fantastic white marble countertop that wows at once-
a sleek minimalist white kitchen and a dark stained kitchen island with a fuchsia countertop that makes a bold statement here-